Bug report #3975

Updated by Denis Rouzaud over 3 years ago

When using the new labeling engine, text is changed into vector paths when using the Print Composer printing to SVG and PDF.

Using the old labeling, and SVG output from the print composer, you end up

with SVG TEXT elements, and therefore text that is still editable (eg in

Illustrator), fonts can be changed, etc. Using the new label engine, no matter

what settings you use, the text is beautifully placed, but useless for

further editing because its vectorised, i.e. turned into paths. Instead of TEXT elements there are PATH elements. BTW, the PDF output has the same problem, but that was already the case with the old labelling engine also.

This is dissapointing, as the new labelling engine is so much better (and

I suppose we are planning to dismiss the old one in the future anyway),

but losing the editability is a real pain.

I am using QGIS 1.6.0 and 1.5.0 on a MacOSX Snow Leopard installation, but [email protected] confirmed "it is the default behaviour on windows/linux/macos".