Feature request #11103

Updated by Denis Rouzaud over 3 years ago

Currently QGIS does not support Retina displays (HiDPI), such as on the current MacBook Pro. The application loads, but is running in a low-resolution upscaled mode which makes everything look pixelated. See attached screenshot (qgis_lowdpi.png).

The Qt blog has some information on supporting retina displays in Qt applications:


The first step is to add the following to the Info.plist file:







This tells the application that it's capable of HiDPI rendering, which gets text and buttons to render correctly. See attached screenshot (qgis_hidpi.png).

However, the map canvas itself, and (most) of the icons are still pixelated. To "fix" the icons, they need hi resolution versions available. The blog post discusses this a little, but I've not had any success so far in getting QGIS to recognise larger versions of the icons. The other step will be to tell the canvas to renderer at a higher DPI - no idea how to get this working.

I've asked a question on stack overflow here:


Myself (@snorfalorpagus) and Dale Kunce ‏(@calimapnerd) have an interest getting this working: