Bug report #8870

Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 3 years ago

Few issues with the "metadata" tab on layer properties for a WMS and WFS.

For WMS I have a large GetCapabilities file - attached (GeoServer 2.3.5 is running the backend).

- Every time I click on "Metadata", QGIS hangs for about 2 seconds while it parses this file. The logs show it's not making a request to the server so it's using the local version and the delay is entirely within QGIS. This seems quite slow given I have a 3.4GHz 8 core Xeon CPU.

- More obviously a bug - the only part of the WMS layer Metadata screen that's populated is the "properties". This contains ALL WMS GetCapabilities information.

None of the other information (title, abstract, etc) is filled, despite being in the GetCapabilities for this layer.



- Behaviour is different but similar - the title, abstract etc aren't filled in, but the "properties" box only contains information on the specified layer rather than all of them (as it did for WMS).