Bug report #13836

Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 2 years ago

There is a problem with mysql vector; when I connect to the MySQL table (containing a geometry column), the attribute table is loaded correctly, the map is centered properly but the geometries are not displayed;

if I save the vector as a shapefile or other type, the new layer is loaded and displayed correctly. I'm using Windows7 + qgis 2.8 lts

(I tested the same procedure in ubuntu 14.04 + qgis 2.8lts and everything works properly.)

I believe it depends on GDAL/OGR, someone can help me?

I get the same result (geometry not displayed) even if I load the table console py:

from qgis.core import *

uri = "MySQL:xxx,host=localhost,port=3306,user=root,password=xxx|\\


vlayer = QgsVectorLayer( uri, "xxx", "ogr" )


If I select all records of the attribute table, and I use the tool to move the elements (with the edit mode on) when I click on the map all the elements appear in the map and remain visible until I deactivate the edit mode....