Bug report #19386

Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 3 years ago

I reported #19172 [[https://issues.qgis.org/issues/19172]] about "QGIS 3.0.3 main window does not remember chosen size (Win 10 with scaling...)".

As I commented there, "So far 3.2 has always remembered my choices!" For two weeks after the update, it started exactly where I had left it, every time.

Today I was looking at a shapefile in a Win 10 folder, and wanted to know what was in it. Windows showed no app claiming shapefiles, so I scrolled through the list of possibilities and chose QGIS. And left the "Always use this app" box checked. QGIS opened - in its extremely tiny centered location and size! I'd never seen 3.2 do that! And now it reverts to the tiny size on every start, from the Start menu or by any other mechanism.

I wanted to edit 19172, but it seems there is no way to remove the "3.0.3" from the subject, which means it would probably get little attention. Whatever is happening to me definitely affects 3.2 as well! Perhaps it was triggered by being set as default app... Or something else... I do remember once setting 3.0.3 as Win 10 default app for some file type. Can't remember if that was related to the appearance of the size issue there.

Where should the window size and position be stored? How can I debug this further?