Feature request #9464

Updated by Harrissou Santanna about 2 years ago

In writing up documentation for a client who will be using QGIS, when adding a new field or column I suggest using the same parameters for similar fields listed. The New column button opens the Add column dialog. Name and Comment are fine. But Type isn't consistent with Type shown in the field descriptions. In the dialog, it asks for Width, but the field description says Length.

My suggestions are the New column button be called Add Field, the Add column dialog be called Add Field, Type be called Type Name and the Type name descriptions be consistent with that list, and either Width OR Length be used, but not both for the same parameter. Can the term Column be dropped in favor of using Field exclusively? You should also consider title casing all the dialogs and menu options.

I'm really sorry I'm coming across as a prig. I'm not usually so picky; I'm just trying to be sensitive for my clients. But this would help those new to GIS and help give QGIS the continual professional polish it works toward.