Bug report #18283

Updated by Mathieu Pellerin - nIRV almost 3 years ago

When using the parallel placement mode to label a line layer, QGIS' rendering appears to enter in an endless loop while attempting to label that layer. The user has to eventually kill QGIS and restart the app to regain control of the app.

I'm seeing this under QGIS master (i.e. baby-born 3.1), but I suspect and worry it's a regression which started prior to release of 3.0.

*Steps to reproduce*
# Load the attached test project
# Open the layer style panel for the roads_subset layer
# Set the labelling placement to "parallel"
# Observe QGIS going into endless rendering
# The only way to stop the rendering is to switch the placement back to curved -or curved-, or horizontal-.
# Upon quitting, the QGIS process stays in memory