Bug report #18188

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 3 years ago

*New description:*

OS: Windows 10 English
QGIS 2.18.16 and 3 (master) installed with OSGeo4W.

QGIS/Processing is tested with the default locale (EN) and overriding the default locale with (for example) PT_PT.

In QGIS 2.18.16 with the EN or PT_PT locale the parameter "cellsize" is presented with the "." as separator, and changing the value present no issues.

In QGIS 3/master the above only happens with the default EN locale. With the PT_PT locale the decimal separator is "," and when changing the value it reverts to "100,000000" when shifting the mouse focus. If manually the user enter a value with "." as a separator then the new value stick, despite the the separator being changed again to "," when changing the focus.

*Old description:*
When a module has the "cellsize" parameter the user can change the value, but as soon the mouse focus changes the value immediately is reverted to the default one, 100.