Bug report #17824

Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 6 years ago

This problem was previously raised as #16242, 16242, and was declare to be resolved some months ago.
I have investigated following some updates filed to the closed bug #16242 16242 and others and have found absolute paths in my project file when the setting in project properties is for a relative path.

The attached file is not a new project and has been through many different versions of Qgis including 2.99. One suggestion is that the software may not be converting existing absolue paths to relative when they exist in a project file.

<layer-tree-layer expanded="0" providerKey="ogr" checked="Qt::Checked" id="OSLocations20170617033602248" source="/home/patrick/Maps/Google Drive/NZ Rail Maps/Projects/OtagoSouthland/Main/OSLocations.shp" name="OSLocations">

It seems only layer-tree-layer keys have absolute paths, datasource keys have relative paths

There is also a reasonable question as to why the layer data is duplicated in two sets of keys which basically refer to the same layers. When manually editing project files this means two separate sets of keys have to be searched and edited.