Bug report #17674

Updated by Steven Mizuno over 6 years ago

1. Exporting bookmarks writes the srid as "EPSG:4326" or similar rather than the internal integer value. This causes errors on Importing bookmarks -- one per bookmark in the file.

Note that using the internal srid is a likely problem for user defined CRS as the srid value may not exist on another system (or have a different definition) or even with a different profile as QGIS3 has. This could be very messy.

2. On import of an otherwise good file (from older version) if there is an apostrophe in the bookmark name an error occurs inserting the record into tbl_bookmarks. I could cheat by doubling the apostrophe in the XML file -- this would work.
This problem likely has existed for some time, but I just noticed it while testing the recent bookmarks fixes.

3. The list should be refreshed after importing bookmarks. I have had to restart QGIS to see the bookmarks on master, but on 2.18.15 the list was refreshed.

These do may affect 2.18 as well. well, but I haven't yet tested this version.