Bug report #17584

Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 2 years ago

After fixing #17539 this issue by Alessandro:


I think the current implementation in which a user is able to move a bookmark from the global bookmark db to the project file (and thereby deleting it from the global one) is complex and buggy.

By using: https://issues.qgis.org/projects/qgis/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&issues=1&q=bookmark you get: #17472, #17005, #17004, #16991, #16990, #16986


I create a new issue here instead of reopening #17539 where I stated:

Things that go wrong with me here:

1) checkbox is not checkable unless you restart QGIS. To reproduce:
- make sure you do not have any profile info (I removed .qgis2, ~/.local/share/QGIS AND .config/QGIS)
- open QGIS, add a layer to the fresh project
- create a bookmark
- checkbox is (rightfully) uncheckable/inactive because the project is not named/saved yet
- now save the project by giving it a name
- the checkbox does not become checkable
- not even if you start a new project, and then reopen the first project
- it becomes checkable when you close QGIS and open the project again

2) as soon as you have opened one project, you can use the checkboxes, BUT if you create a new project and select one of the earlier bookmarks (which should not be checkable, as there is NOT a saved project), and you check some bookmarks, AND close QGIS without saving the project to disk. Then open QGIS and the bookmarks are gone (and nowhere saved....)

As said earlier, I think there has not been enough thought one how this could/should be used and all the implications of checking/deleting bookmarks.

Not sure if above issues are fixable easily (I doubt), but current model-merging is not optimal (to be positive).

I would think that there should actually 2 tables in the Spatial Bookmarks Panel: one for global bookmarks (saved in qgis.sqlite) and one saved in the project/project file. Then you can ONLY copy a bookmark from one table to the other, and ONLY delete it in one of the two tables (being the qgis-model and the project-model). Opening a fresh project opens (off course) the qgis-model and a fresh project-model. Opening an excisting project opens both.
No need for merging or synchronizing (which is always hell)...