Bug report #13762

Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 3 years ago

When adding any layer from "http://www.madrid.org/cartografia/ide/wms/WMS_MAPAS_TOPOGRAFICOS.xml" to QGIS, the following error is shown (in spanish):

WMS provider: No se puede calcular la extensión

Raster layer: El proveedor no es válido (proveedor: wms, URL: contextualWMSLegend=0&crs=EPSG:4230&dpiMode=7&featureCount=10&format=image/jpeg&layers=MADRID_38000_2008_2&styles=&url=http://www.madrid.org/cartografia/ide/wms/WMS_MAPAS_TOPOGRAFICOS.xml)

It has been happening in the last versions of QGIS