Bug report #14846

Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 3 years ago

I see this bugs report #8456, but I think that the issues are different.

The issues that I have noticed are:

# Union returns records without any geometries and they are repeated more times. I suppose that they should be linked to the new geometries derived from the union output;

# some records without geometry should have geometries, because the records have values that derive from the union of the two input tables records;

# if you interrogate geometries, whit "identify" tool, in some cases it returns two results, but only one is linked to a geometry. You can find the relative record in the table, but if you select it in the table no geometry is selected;

The same Union performed with GRASS (v.overlay in Processing tools) is correct.

In attached the input file(circoscrizioni84 e quartieri84)and the fTools and GRASS results (circ84Quartieri84 / (circ84Quartieri84_grass).