Bug report #12973

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 5 years ago

The layer panel will draw symbols for polygons located in 2nd level of a rule-based tree with a width twice a large as normal. It's a bit difficult to explain in words, but the attached screenshot (bug-legend.png) should make it easy to understand.

*Steps to reproduce:*

# Create a new project

# Add a polygon dataset

# Open the layer property window, and set the symbology to rule-based

# Add a root rule (simple fill), add a sub-rule to that root rule (also simple fill), and apply the symbology

# Look at your layer panel, you'll notice the sub-rule legend symbol's width is abnormally large

It's not a huge issue, but for people who like to keep the layer panel a small as possible, the extra space taken by the legend symbol's extra width is unfortunate.