Feature request #1609

Updated by Regis Haubourg over 2 years ago

Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007 establishing an *In*frastructure for *Sp*atial *I*nfo*r*mation in the *E*uropean Community (*INSPIRE*) was published in the official Journal on the 25th April 2007. The INSPIRE Directive entered into force on the 15th May 2007.

QGIS Should be able to handle data and metadata according to INSPIRE specifications. This means among others, to prepare set of plugins (let's call it e.g. INSPIRE4QGIS). With this plugins it would be possible to

* Search the data sources in catalogues (keyword CSW, something like http://www.inspire-geoportal.eu/catalogue/Start.do)

* Display the Metadata from this catalogues

* Download and display the data in QGIS (keywords: WMS, WFS, WCS)

* Transform the data (keyword: WPS)

* Possibly add INSPIRE Metadata Editor in the future.

Without being able to follow the INSPIRE rules, QGIS would not became *the* GIS solution for State organisations in EU.