Bug report #16845

Updated by Jürgen Fischer about 4 years ago

This project works fine in master-commit:313ec55 master-313ec55 on Xubuntu 16.04 and master-commit:502efd1 master-502efd1 on Windows 10
When I open it with master-commit:7d67b02 master-7d67b02 a whole lot of layers do not load

I have not supplied sample data because it can be loaded if I make 181 of the layers inaccessible to the project when it is loaded, then it loads all the layers that were missing when it tried to load the full project.

Now in #16049 Bug report 16049 it was first noted that the Linux version of this software imposes some arbitrary layer limit that does not exist in the Windows version of the software and it would now seem to be the case that the latest master for Linux has further squeezed down this limit, now how about actually addressing this problem otherwise why have a Linux version that is arbitrarily crippled so as to be unusable.