Bug report #9523

Updated by Andreas Neumann almost 3 years ago


If I have a Project with a Macro as shown below, and I set Settings->Options->Enable Macros to "Ask", the openProject macro will never load. If I set Enable Macros to Always, or only for this session, it will load.

In Ask mode:

I open the Project.

I get the security warning in the canvas view.

I click "Enable Macros"

The security warning disappears

The Project loads without the "Hello I am a Macro" Status bar.

In Always or Only this session:

I open the Project

I see the "Hello I am a Macro" Status bar.

If I run the code as a saveProject macro, then the saveProject macro will work for the Ask Setting. So, the Problem is just with openProject.


def openProject():

from qgis.utils import iface

from qgis.gui import QgsMessageBar

iface.messageBar().pushMessage("Hello I am a Macro", "", level=QgsMessageBar.INFO)

def saveProject():


def closeProject():



This is the case for QGIS 2.0.1 as well as today's dev Version Qgis 2.1.0 f06e72e, on Windows as well as on Ubuntu.