Bug report #16749

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 4 years ago

To replicate:

* download https://goo.gl/s1qJKa (very big): it has thousands of tables, this was made on purpose to make appear the problem in a very clear way (with a few hundreds tables the problem is already visible). The layers in this GPKG are a lot but are very small, tipically 1 feature per layer

* create the connection in DB manager, table list is slow to show but is expected, are a lot of tables

* try add the first layer/table to the project, very slow...

* try navigate the project, also very slow. Try add layers from other datasources and even disable the layer from the GPKG datasaource, stil very slow

* now download https://goo.gl/s37rzb : it contains only the first 3 2 tables/layers of the above one. Adding one layer from this other GPKG datasource is fast and there are no problem using it in the project.

* note that the Spatialite version of the above "big" GPKG datasource does not present the same issue > https://goo.gl/qJWeCt

* also notice that there are no issues with GPKG datasources with a "small" number of table/layers even eben if those are huge, millions of records.