Bug report #15942

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 3 years ago

I'm writing a WFS 2.0.0 server with GML 3.2. The GML I am serving up currently does NOT meet the GML spec and I didn't expect it to actually work in QGIS yet.

However, trying to add the layer caused QGIS to crash. I would expect an error message or other graceful handling of bad XML instead of a hard crash.

gdalinfo works against the XML without crashing.

I have attached the gml and backtrace (as reported by OSX) below.

I'm on Mac OSX, using the kyngchaos build 2.18.0 with no plugins installed.


Possible lead: When I fixed the namespace declarations in the original <wfs:FeatureCollection> tag QGIS no longer crashes, although the geometry is not displayed (though this is probably due to the GML still being incorrect).