Bug report #14084

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 3 years ago

I'm finding that QGis Server does not seem to respect the new axis ordering for WMS 1.3.

I have tried the following steps:-

1, Create a project file and load into QGis Server

2, View resulting WMS service in a new QGis Project as WGS84 (epsg:4326)

If I view the service as WMS 1.3, then I get reversed lat/long.

If I select the ignore axis orientation option then I get a correct map

If I ask for WMS 1.1 then I get a correct map

If I set the client to ask for the map using a coordinate system which doesn't have inverted axes (eg Pseudo Mercator: 3857), then I get a correct map.

If I view an external WMS service as WGS84 using QGis the I get a correct map, implying the error is in the server.

This seems related to bug #9345 which is marked as resolved, but I'm not sure whether this applies to the client only.

Unfortunately the client I'm using does not allow the WMS version it requests to be set so I can't request WMS 1.1 as a fallback. It also doesn't have an axis inversion option.