Bug report #13061

Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 7 years ago

To reproduce start QGIS, run the following in Python Console and then close QGIS:


from osgeo import gdal

inFilename = r"C:\\test.tif"

myImg = gdal.Open(inFilename, gdal.GA_ReadOnly)

myBand = myImg.GetRasterBand(1)

myData = myBand.ReadAsArray()

myData = None

myBand = None

myImg = None


The crash happens around 90% of the time. The same happens when the code is run in a Processing script. If the data is not read (i.e. "myData = myBand.ReadAsArray()" is removed) the crash does not occur.

Tested on 64 OSGeo4W installation of QGIS 2.8.2, 2.10 and nightly (commit:f3fe29d) on a number of Windows 7 machines.