Bug report #11648

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 2 years ago

When using HTML-frames in composer, there are several problems:

# When exporting to pdf, letter-spacing in this pdf is wrong (text appears too dense). Letter-spacing appears alright in composer.

# Sizes (CSS-styles), for example the width/height of a table or div, appear approximately 10% to small, both in composer and when exported to pdf.

# Borders (CSS-styles) less than 0.27mm do not appear, both in composer and when exported to pdf.

As an alternative i tried the same HTML-code in a label (rendered as HTML).

# This has no problem with letter-spacing in pdf export.

# It has the same problems with sizes, everything is about 10% too small.

# Borders less than 0.27mm are possible.

So this method is less bugged.