Bug report #10427

Updated by Anita Graser over 2 years ago

QGIS is loading .osm files fine, but there seems something wrong with the number of features QGIS thinks there is in the layer.

If you open the osm-file which is in attached test.zip, and load those (small part of Amsterdam), you see a lot of points.

But asking the number of features (for example in the properties/Metadata dialog) shows '-1'.

Also python scripts which should work on for example a selected feature, fail because of null features.

See also: #10000 (processing)

Loading qml files created for this, crashes my QGIS (build master dd june 3 2014)

QGIS is using the ogr provider for this, and if I use ogrinfo, it shows the number of features ok:

ogrinfo lisdodde.osm -sql "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM points"

COUNT_* (Integer) = 6523