Bug report #21445

Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 1 year ago

*new description*

take the attached dataset and use the "zones" and "parks" layers to do an UNION using the native QGIS tool

result is wrong, it seems that the output is saved to a geopackage (export -> save features as) then all the features with duplicate FID's are lost.

*old description*
The QGIS UNION function is producing erroneous results if saved to a geopackage. Some features are missing from the output. If output to a temporary layer or to a shapefile and then exported to the geopackage, there's no problem.
I have attached a geopackage with two polygon layers: zones and parks, two union outputs: unionZonesParks and unionParksZones (switching the input & overlay) and two intersection outputs: intersectParksZones and intersectZonesParks (switching the input & overlay). All four layers are missing parts of the union & intersection, but they are each missing different parts.

Clip, Difference, and Symmetrical Difference seem to work correctly.