Bug report #16433

Updated by salvatore fiandaca about 5 years ago

I've got a KMZ that was generated from GPS Kit<1> for iPhone and it seems that QGIS 2.18.6 doesn't see the placemarks and only imports the tracks.

I opened the KMZ in Google Earth, and was able to create a new sub folder inside the root folder and drag/drop all the placemarks into it - they were originally in the root folder of the project whereas tracks were in separate sub folders.

Then I did a Save As on this KMZ and created a new one which QGIS was able to import the placemarks once they were in a sub folder.

Unfortunately I don't have a iPhone to test out the GPS Kit app to see where the issue is, but *may be able to provide some test data to someone directly* if they are interested in testing it out.

I did some additional testing and noticed that it's limited to KMZs created from GPS Kit.

I created some data in Google Earth to test it out with placemarks in a subfolder, or in the root folder of the project and they both seem to import the placemarks fine.

Not sure what GPS Kit is doing to generate the kml/kmz that makes it problematic for QGIS to import the placemarks.

FYI, I've been told that ArcGIS can import the placemarks fine from the KMZ generated by GPS Kit.

I also submitted an inquiry to the app developer to see if they have any insight and can update this bug report when I hear back.

<1> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gps-kit-offline-gps-tracker/id287909017