Feature request #17329

Send a notification from discussion I have contributed to

Added by Harrissou Santanna over 6 years ago.

Pull Request or Patch supplied:No


In the user profile, you can choose different configuration to get notifications from discussions.
I think that there's a missing one (or at least, I am missing one);
I am not interested in getting notifications from all active discussions but I would be interested in feedbacks from discussion I had contributed to (created, commented). The only option I can find now is to add myself as "watching those discussions", step that I often forget (and later, it's not easy to find/remember the discussions you were part of because no notification is available).

Couldn't we consider that as soon as someone participates to a discussion, he's watching it and hence, according to his preferences, send notifications from that discussion? Or add a new option "discussion I commented" (needs to see how it could overlap/include any other option)?

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