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a7880d9d 2021-06-28 03:14 AM Damiano Lombardi

Update .flake8

8c82b695 2021-06-28 03:14 AM Damiano Lombardi

MemoryProvider fix strange fieldName suffix in cloned layer

If fields added with QgsMemoryProvider::addAttributes have an empty
typeName, the URI returned by vl.publicSource() misses the type
information for fields.

3711fcf1 2021-05-09 08:40 AM Etienne Trimaille

Update the flake8 configuration

58ad4cb9 2020-08-03 08:34 AM Nyall Dawson

Avoid misleading flake warning from autogenerated 3d code

b6a7a107 2020-05-11 03:41 AM Nyall Dawson

Fix some more python formatting issues, remove more flake exceptions

d1a49235 2020-05-05 11:21 PM Matthias Kuhn

Fix line spacing errors

f9f5a941 2020-05-05 10:36 PM Matthias Kuhn

Also ignore bare excepts. For now.

ba7f6cf4 2020-05-05 10:12 PM Matthias Kuhn

More ignores

9e5e0d19 2020-05-05 09:53 PM Matthias Kuhn

Ignore a lot of errors