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3033Bug reportClosedLow"No matching projection found" window issuenobody -2010-11-03 10:30 AM
18331Bug reportClosedNormal"Node Tool" just "sees" everything on canvas even in hidden layers2019-03-09 11:12 AM
18447Bug reportClosedHigh"Object has too many attribute" (saving joined layers)2018-10-28 02:25 PM
9191Bug reportClosedNormal"Ok" ungreyed out when no URL entered (WMS/WFS/WCS dialogs)Alvaro Huarte2013-12-17 09:14 AM
14805Bug reportClosedNormal"On map identification" option of relation reference widget not working properlyMatthias Kuhn2019-03-09 04:10 PM
8730Bug reportClosedNormal"Only look in the layer registry", but table scan still performedSandro Santilli2014-02-08 03:29 AM
18040Bug reportClosedNormal"Options | Colors" list doesn't show font labels2018-02-05 11:08 AM
21979Bug reportOpenNormal"Order by expression" doesn't order anything2019-05-02 05:44 PM
9653Bug reportClosedNormal"Output layer" default for raster calculator2019-03-09 03:11 PM
16948Bug reportClosedHigh"Paste features as..." always creates vector layer/scratch layer that can only handle just singlepart features, so pasting multipart features always returns an errorLuigi Pirelli2017-09-27 05:14 PM
2372Bug reportClosedLow"Paste to Clipboard" in "Attribute Dialog/Table" lacks commasnobody -2010-01-20 02:41 AM
17504Bug reportClosedHigh"Pixel Size" and "no data value" in raster layer metadata missing (2.99)2017-12-13 12:32 PM
19476Bug reportRejectedNormal"PyCapsule_GetPointer called with incorrect name" when trying to build master2018-08-04 12:11 PM
21770Bug reportFeedbackNormal"Python support will be disabled" if using non-ascii characters2019-04-06 11:56 AM
20720Bug reportClosedLow"QGIS 3 quit unexpectedly."2018-12-06 09:43 AM
17582Bug reportClosedNormal"QGIS" menu item duplicated in Composer on MacOS2018-02-22 11:16 AM
14159Bug reportClosedNormal"QGIS-styled group boxes" option hides with WM(T)S "Image encoding" setting2017-09-22 10:05 AM
11215Bug reportClosedNormal"Random points inside polygons (variable)" progress error halts algorithmAlexander Bruy2015-06-07 04:32 AM
18202Bug reportClosedNormal"Raster" and "Vector" menus split in two menus when the locale is changedQGIS Translation Team2019-02-23 08:36 PM
9475Bug reportClosedNormal"Recently used coordinate reference systems" listbox doesn't receive first mouse click in some contexts2014-02-02 10:06 AM
6708Bug reportClosedLow"Refine current rules" is enabled when no rules are selected2015-12-03 04:47 AM
1288Bug reportClosedLow"Refresh view" does not redraw the print composer fullynobody -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
17635Bug reportOpenNormal"Reloading QGIS" from the crash report dialog fails to reopen the projectNathan Woodrow2018-03-05 11:02 AM
21602Bug reportOpenNormal"Remote layer ..." is displayed in Message bar adding a file vector layer to the map2019-03-17 08:10 PM
6204Bug reportClosedLow"Restore Default Style" error text2014-06-21 05:26 AM

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