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19751Bug reportClosedLowInstallation problems2018-09-02 05:07 PM
11897Bug reportOpenLowIn Print composer, menu Setting should open only Composer options2018-08-23 06:54 AM
18906Bug reportClosedLowGDAL Geo-referencer no longer opens2018-08-15 11:59 PM
19335Bug reportClosedLowQGis 3.x not updating save status on some machines2018-08-15 11:52 PM
19255Bug reportClosedLowgrass folder2018-08-15 11:47 PM
18663Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 3.0.1 crashed2018-08-15 07:59 PM
18524Bug reportClosedLowCrash when updating multiple polygonsChris Pope2018-08-15 07:53 PM
16359Bug reportClosedLowIn the print composer dynamically referencing to page size presets leads to wrong expression evaluation 2018-08-15 07:33 PM
11903Bug reportClosedLowConfigure Shortcuts problem on Mac2018-08-12 01:37 PM
19038Bug reportClosedLowObjects queried by QuickOSM are not automatically saved in project file and lost when re-starting QGIS (3)2018-08-04 12:11 PM
19491Bug reportOpenLowClick in inactive QGIS window triggers actions!2018-08-01 09:54 AM
18747Bug reportRejectedLowQGIS Server GetPrint issue on Desktop Linux installations2018-07-23 10:19 AM
17342Bug reportClosedLowProcessing: Import into PostGIS fails with mystery error message if schema doesn't exist2018-07-22 11:07 PM
1585Bug reportOpenLowadd missing svg image sources2018-07-20 12:48 PM
19359Bug reportClosedLowTypo in the installation instruction window 2018-07-09 06:18 PM
19120Bug reportOpenLowSaved default style in spatialite file not available when loaded2018-07-02 10:54 PM
17802Bug reportClosedLowRule-based labeling maximum scale self-updatedNyall Dawson2018-06-21 04:42 PM
19222Bug reportOpenLowSplash Screen Persists While 'Handle Bad Layers' Dialog is Open2018-06-19 04:23 AM
19033Bug reportClosedLowError report join attributes by location2018-06-05 04:06 AM
16409Bug reportClosedLowProcessing script editor: incorrect read of degree symbolVictor Olaya2018-06-01 08:18 AM
19072Bug reportOpenLowsaving a virtual layer makes qgis crash2018-05-31 10:02 AM
18970Bug reportClosedLowsince Qgis 3.0, program crashes after closing2018-05-28 03:17 PM
18796Bug reportClosedLowPNG8 image encoding radio button for WMS is duplicatedEven Rouault2018-05-23 08:51 PM
18947Bug reportClosedLowNew Vector shape files don't displayGreg Ashcroft2018-05-14 11:40 PM
18918Bug reportOpenLowImprove CMake error messages when libraries are missing.2018-05-06 10:26 PM

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