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9142Bug reportClosedNormal"format_number" function error in label expression2016-06-09 01:12 PM
6981Bug reportClosedNormal"formatted numbers" option does not work if field is part of a label expressionLarry Shaffer2013-05-25 04:51 AM
4410Bug reportClosedHigh"forward transform of... failed with error: latitude or longitude exceeded limits" error2011-11-08 06:00 AM
10452Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"ghost" entries in column list (labelling and symbology)2014-06-05 03:50 AM
2267Bug reportClosedLow"graphics interchange format" is repeated in the raster file list2011-12-21 08:21 AM
11761Bug reportClosedNormal"handle bad layers" dialog won't consistently resolve within zip containers2019-03-09 03:12 PM
16397Bug reportRejectedHigh"hidden" edit widget does not work on QGIS 2.18 (and master)Matthias Kuhn2017-05-12 03:55 PM
2167Bug reportClosedLow"hide all layers" and "show all layers" doesn't worknobody -2009-12-07 11:00 AM
2101Bug reportClosedLow"identify" tool shows the "view feature form" instead of the normal identify windownobody -2009-11-15 12:40 PM
8421Bug reportClosedNormal"import delimited text layer" does not work with files created on excel/osx2019-03-09 04:04 PM
12855Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"interpolation" tool crashes qgisAlessandro Pasotti2017-01-02 01:26 AM
4074Bug reportClosedLow"invert color map" is not checked when it has been enabled for a layer2012-05-19 07:53 PM
7969Bug reportClosedNormal"layer source" in vector properties is empty on master2013-06-03 11:53 AM
8519Bug reportClosedLow"layer stack" option in raster->miscellaneous->merge is badly named2016-05-24 09:47 AM
1439Bug reportClosedLow"legend" items should not be selectablenobody -2009-07-29 05:48 AM
7141Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"loaded layer" dropdown in GRASS modules is not more updated when layers are activated in the QGIS tocRadim Blazek2013-05-30 07:56 AM
6323Bug reportClosedNormal"marker on every vertex" misses vertices2013-08-13 02:01 AM
5655Bug reportClosedNormal"mean coordinates" options are populated only if another layer is selected firstAlexander Bruy2017-05-01 01:22 AM
11405Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"merge selected features" broke on qgis master 2014-10-16 01:18 AM
2630Bug reportClosedLow"merge selected features" tool produce strange numbers in the tablenobody -2011-04-17 11:19 AM
7707Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"merge shapefiles" produces wrong output on master (ok on 1.8)2017-05-01 01:21 AM
8367Bug reportClosedNormal"missing font text" red message on layer labeling settingsLarry Shaffer2014-01-31 10:51 AM
17632Bug reportOpenNormal"money" type (postgresql) interpreted as string 2019-01-28 10:44 PM
15370Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"move selection to top" does not work 2017-02-28 04:24 AM
20170Bug reportClosedNormal"no result buffer" warning, application restart required after PostGIS connection is lost and reconnected2019-02-20 04:01 PM
6864Bug reportClosedLow"number of candidates" setting is ignored in composer maps2016-10-10 05:04 PM
2160Bug reportClosedLow"on the fly" reprojection distorts calculated polygon areanobody -2009-11-28 11:09 AM
4832Bug reportClosedNormal"only look in public schema" not honored2012-01-17 01:34 PM
17245Bug reportFeedbackNormal"orig_ogc_fid" field is added to filtered shapefiles in QGIS master2019-03-09 04:28 PM
4175Bug reportClosedNormal"outline: simple line" layer problem when rendering with non-zero offset valuesAlvaro Huarte2014-05-03 01:16 AM
4603Bug reportClosedNormal"paths to search for additional C++ plugin libraries" does not work2011-12-15 08:39 AM
5389Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"points in polygon" tool broken in qgis master2017-05-01 01:22 AM
4434Bug reportClosedNormal"project properties" and menu icons missing from QGIS when using UNITY Desktop Manager2012-06-15 10:09 AM
15024Bug reportClosedNormal"qgis --help" command does nothing on Windows2017-09-22 10:05 AM
10833Bug reportClosedNormal"random points in layer bounds" do not accept rasters as inputs (for bounds)Victor Olaya2015-06-07 04:31 AM
5202Bug reportClosedNormal"random points" tool create points all in the same place if a raster (WMS) is used as "input boundary layer"cfarmer -2017-05-01 01:22 AM
6516Bug reportClosedLow"range" edit widget does not allow negative values for the minimum valueMatthias Kuhn2014-06-20 07:08 AM
7966Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"recently used coordinate reference systems" selector no longer works in qgis master2013-06-05 01:59 PM
17980Bug reportOpenLow"resources/data/world_map.shp" should be only accessed read-only2019-03-16 10:20 PM
11461Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"reuse last entered attribute values" broken on master2014-10-21 03:26 PM
4575Bug reportClosedNormal"rotation field" and "size scale field" do not work for centroid fill2015-11-15 02:55 AM
14171Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"save as" raster as VRT adds a usless ".tif" to folder output name, output vrt file and ouput tiles2016-06-22 02:13 AM
7480Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"save as..." of a vector with a Join leads qgis master to freeze2013-04-14 09:51 AM
6924Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"save edits" icon disappeared from table of attributesLarry Shaffer2012-12-28 03:20 PM
15196Bug reportClosedNormal"save" do not work when setting a rule based labeling propertyNathan Woodrow2016-07-07 03:49 AM
18107Bug reportClosedNormal"scrollwheel" far too sensitive on mac2018-02-15 02:52 AM
6769Bug reportClosedNormal"search on web" action doesn't display the result pageGiuseppe Sucameli2012-11-27 08:58 AM
14645Bug reportRejectedNormal"select by expression” algorithm in modelerVictor Olaya2016-04-18 09:11 AM
12005Bug reportClosedNormal"simplify feature" tool silently fails if a layer is reprojected in another CRS2016-01-18 09:57 AM
6514Bug reportClosedNormal"slider" and "dial" in edit widget "range" do not show any value when used, so are pretty useless2013-07-19 10:24 AM

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