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8488Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"Unable to load the layer <built-in method name of QgsVectorLayer object at 0x0B8EE3D8>" when d&d from browser to DB manager2013-08-20 09:47 AM
1282Bug reportClosedLow"Update all" in "Legend items" brokennobody -2009-06-22 11:37 PM
139Bug reportClosedLow"Update during drawing feature" does not workMartin Dobias2009-08-22 12:54 AM
7606Bug reportClosedLow"Update options" doesn't work in DBManager if the input dropdown menu has never been touched2013-05-26 05:01 PM
8820Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"Value map" edit widget appears to have the value of the first value in NULL fields. Fields gets these values upon save.2014-01-26 12:03 PM
17013Bug reportClosedNormal"Vector Grid" column names need to be quotes otherwise direct output to PostgreSQL failsVictor Olaya2019-03-09 03:10 PM
18330Bug reportOpenNormal"Vertex Editor" disappears from View / Panel after the panel being closed2018-03-04 08:52 PM
2624Bug reportClosedLow"WMS add layers from server" Window became disabled after add a layer-wmsJürgen Fischer2010-04-03 02:50 PM
13130Bug reportClosedNormal"Zoom last" zooms to last zoom level but centers around current center2015-07-21 01:52 PM
10524Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"Zoom to Full" stopped to work for layers with a Join2014-06-10 10:08 AM
1012Bug reportClosedLow"Zoom to Selection"-Button does not worknobody -2009-08-22 12:52 AM
3753Bug reportClosedLow"Zoom to best scale" takes a long time (inf?) for TMS layers.Redmine Admin2011-05-07 05:12 PM
19930Bug reportClosedNormal"Zoom to feature" does not workAlessandro Pasotti2018-10-01 10:49 AM
21112Bug reportClosedNormal"Zoom to layer" doesn't work as expected on WFS dataprovider when you have af provide feature filter applied to the datasource2019-02-06 10:26 PM
7843Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"add class" in qgis master graduated symbology is broken2013-05-19 04:15 AM
5232Bug reportOpenNormal"add direction symbol" does not work with curved labels2018-02-23 04:18 PM
11127Bug reportClosedNormal"add feature" icon changes on opening option panel during editing2019-03-09 04:09 PM
4880Bug reportClosedNormal"add feature" tool (for polygons) + "avoid intersection" is inconsistent when it is used to fill holes and/or spacesMarco Hugentobler2013-11-08 02:13 AM
2627Bug reportClosedLow"add postgis layer" dialog: connections are not removed when clicking on "delete"nobody -2010-05-16 02:25 PM
5023Bug reportClosedLow"add postgis layers" dialog do not remember the last connection used2012-02-15 09:33 AM
5014Bug reportClosedNormal"add saved file to map" option produces a "... is not a valid or recognized data source" error2012-04-14 11:51 AM
2181Bug reportClosedLow"add to overview" menu item does not worknobody -2011-04-20 01:17 PM
3840Bug reportClosedNormal"additional no data value" has no effect (identify, raster calculator, histograms, etc.)2013-12-14 04:07 AM
10663Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"additional no data value" pixels does not turn transparent anymore2014-06-22 09:22 AM
20367Bug reportOpenHigh"avoid intesection" cannot be enabled without activating snapping2018-11-07 02:26 PM
1215Bug reportClosedLow"blue pencil" Attribute EditMarco Hugentobler2010-03-05 07:13 AM
13872Bug reportClosedNormal"build virtual vector": does not create a file extensionLuigi Pirelli2016-05-22 11:42 AM
13873Bug reportClosedHigh"build virtual vector": file created fails to load correctlyLuigi Pirelli2016-02-25 04:48 AM
21862Bug reportClosedNormal"calculating fields" stuck in task manager2019-04-16 09:20 PM
1486Bug reportClosedLow"cannot find key r" when opening modulesLorenzo Masini2009-08-22 01:01 AM
19701Bug reportClosedHigh"cell size" option in TIN interpolation tool is missing2018-12-24 09:50 AM
13070Bug reportClosedNormal"change width" via right-click on styles has stopped working2015-07-03 06:24 PM
7423Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"check geometry validity" crashes qgis2017-05-01 01:21 AM
7422Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"check geometry validity" never ends2017-05-01 01:21 AM
4868Bug reportClosedNormal"creation of data source zpe failed. cannot commit - no transaction is active" when dropping a shape into a SL connection2013-05-29 12:30 PM
7064Bug reportClosedNormal"cross2" symbol should be exported in SLD as "x"2019-03-09 04:04 PM
21502Bug reportOpenNormal"data defined size legend" do not uses the "size from/to" parameter and always uses the "value from/to" values, resulting in out os scale legends2019-04-09 05:32 PM
21304Bug reportClosedHigh"default value" is not applied when pasting featuresAlessandro Pasotti2019-02-21 08:30 AM
14230Bug reportClosedNormal"directyl" on the exposed page on qgis website2017-09-22 10:05 AM
7421Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"dissolve" never ends2017-05-01 01:21 AM
9369Bug reportClosedNormal"duplicate layer" takes ages to duplicate spatialite layers2016-01-06 11:50 AM
7714Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"eliminate slivers" causes crashvinayan Parameswaran2017-05-01 01:21 AM
10087Bug reportClosedHigh"else" rules are broken in masterNathan Woodrow2015-10-12 12:45 AM
5761Bug reportClosedNormal"equal intervals" and "pretty breaks" do not work for joined fieldsMarco Hugentobler2014-03-28 01:50 AM
16779Bug reportClosedNormal"error executing query" in QGIS log when adding a Spatialite layer to the project2019-02-24 01:38 AM
21848Bug reportOpenNormal"export to postgesql" (OGR) does not handle correctly WFS input layersGiovanni Manghi2019-04-15 02:09 AM
8198Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"export/add geometry columns" broken 2017-05-01 01:21 AM
5335Bug reportClosedHigh"export/add geometry columns" make QGIS crash if you have previously opened the attribute tableAlexander Bruy2017-05-01 01:22 AM
15348Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"extract projection" broken in GDAL tools2016-07-28 03:06 PM
11030Bug reportClosedLow"fill styles" of the "simple fill" symbology (ex: "diagonal X") are not exported as expected from print composer2019-03-09 04:09 PM

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