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12809Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdd New Script from File has Python ErrorVictor Olaya2015-05-29 07:45 AM
10792Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdd an alg in the new modeler with a ParameterFileVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:31 AM
13749Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdd csv layer: points not created2015-11-26 01:29 PM
14259Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdd help for some variable functions2016-02-25 02:18 PM
8773Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdding WMS layer crashes QGISRadim Blazek2013-10-28 05:48 AM
12170Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdding a print layout adds a lot of project loading time 2015-02-19 04:30 AM
11305Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAdding an overview map to print composer crashes QGIS2014-10-08 02:30 AM
10703Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAfter adding a column the attribute defined for labels is unselected.Martin Dobias2014-06-26 11:28 PM
6857Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAfter finishing digitize a polygon the attribute window comes up empty2012-12-25 05:42 AM
12740Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAlgorithms sometimes disappear from the toolboxVictor Olaya2015-09-29 04:38 AM
3275Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAllow change ALL symbol properties when selecting multiple classes (in new symbology)Arunmozhi P2013-01-01 01:11 AM
7731Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAllowing 1% deviation in pixels in QgsCompositionChecker is too generous2013-07-13 12:12 PM
13543Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionApply button doesn't work in Layer Labelling Settings dialogue2015-10-14 01:24 PM
11751Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionApplying Size Scale Field doesn't work2014-11-27 03:48 PM
6508Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionApplying an edit widget to a geometryless spatialite table make qgis master crash2012-10-14 02:30 AM
9060Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionArea is wrong in QGIS master (again)2014-06-12 04:12 AM
10877Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute Form Editor with Repeating Attributes stopped to work as expected2014-07-22 03:12 PM
15648Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute table behaviour "show selected features" shows all records if there is no selection2016-10-02 06:25 PM
9424Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute table editing writes simultaneously in the selected column for sorting2014-01-29 01:36 PM
8405Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute table keeps old values (doesn't refresh) when adds a new field2013-08-08 03:21 AM
15366Bug reportRejectedSevere/RegressionAttribute table sorts numeric values like text2016-08-01 05:55 AM
8504Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute table: QGIS crashes when field is removed (only in dual view)Matthias Kuhn2013-08-23 02:29 AM
8235Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAttribute will be NULL, after using field calculator at attribute table2013-07-09 11:42 AM
11435Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAutofill of parameter names do not workVictor Olaya2014-10-18 03:19 PM
10915Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionAutofocus of the first feature attribute field for editing does not work anymore2014-07-23 03:04 AM

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