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7612Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCrash with 'Save as..' option2013-04-28 11:42 AM
7737Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionWMS tiles are always fetched from server, never from cache 2013-04-29 08:13 PM
7688Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionloading points layer via delimited text file (CSV format) results in first point placed at coordinate x=0, y=02013-05-01 06:34 PM
7574Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionartifacts when moving points in the canvasMatthias Kuhn2013-05-02 01:26 AM
7749Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionForms: Calender widget cannot be opened (button missing)2013-05-02 07:02 AM
7608Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCommit 3a35a53 causes segfault when loading project2013-05-02 06:01 PM
7756Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressiontransparent pixel list values not applied to RGB raster if contrast enhancement inactive2013-05-03 12:39 AM
7419Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionwms "copy feature" tool copy the extent, not the feature2013-05-03 02:30 AM
7738Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionbig symbology regression: centroid fill _always_ renders using map units, even when millimeters is explicitly setMarco Hugentobler2013-05-06 09:01 PM
7772Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncrash while setting attributes of a new feature2013-05-06 10:48 PM
7748Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionTransparent pixel list doesn't work if global transparency 02013-05-07 06:51 PM
7742Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncan't join table created with delimited text pluginChris Crook2013-05-08 03:52 AM
7140Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQGIS seg faults when removing a GRASS vector (or even when "zoom to layer" or even when opening the table of attributes)2013-05-08 09:55 AM
7744Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQGIS crash when pan - zoom with vector GRASS layer2013-05-11 06:52 AM
7798Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncolumn filter does not work as expectedMatthias Kuhn2013-05-13 01:09 AM
7784Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionBrowser keeps crashing when navigating the tree2013-05-13 01:31 AM
7698Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncrash when field with valuemap after closing attributetable2013-05-13 02:07 AM
7465Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionsetting value map in edit widget makes tha attributes table empty.2013-05-13 02:29 AM
7285Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionqml ignore provide ui-file setting2013-05-13 06:03 AM
7170Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionadding a postgis layer with "select at id" unchecked result in no records in the table of attributes2013-05-13 11:40 AM
7649Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionReordering of columns is broken in qgis master2013-05-13 11:47 AM
7717Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionfeature setFields crashesMartin Dobias2013-05-14 05:57 AM
7418Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionSeg fault when "save as..." a GRASS vector2013-05-14 12:21 PM
6900Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionGRASS raster stretching is not applied in QGIS master on project loadRadim Blazek2013-05-15 02:08 AM
7138Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionMissing icon in raster symbology properties2013-05-15 02:23 AM
7683Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionQGIS Server: Bounding Box IssueMarco Hugentobler2013-05-15 05:01 AM
7144Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionResampling does not work (anymore?) for WMS layers2013-05-15 09:37 AM
7139Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionWrong "no data" transparency in palletted rasters2013-05-15 11:45 AM
7342Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionRaster "save as.." returns a file only with zeroes with a tiff input.2013-05-16 03:43 AM
7821Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionopening GRASS raster properties causes crash2013-05-16 04:34 AM
7166Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionraster resampling does not work when reprojection is on.2013-05-16 05:33 AM
7405Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionFeature count shows "0" when the "rotation" or the "scale size field" are used2013-05-16 07:22 AM
6982Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionraster "save as..." tools saves WMS layers will al zeroes2013-05-16 07:58 AM
6984Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionNVIZ stopped to work under Linux2013-05-16 09:43 AM
7148Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionCannot remove vectors from GRASS mapset2013-05-16 09:45 AM
7835Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionOpening WMS layer properties crashes QGIS2013-05-17 02:09 PM
6699Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionrefresh button does not work as expected in browser in qgis master2013-05-18 02:55 AM
7108Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionartifacts when reprojecting WMS layers on qgis master2013-05-18 06:45 AM
7178Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionqgis master does not load attributes from some file formats2013-05-18 06:52 AM
7849Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionwrong columns deleted2013-05-18 07:27 AM
7858Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressiontoggling editing mode reset edit widget2013-05-18 08:43 AM
6952Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionraster "save as..." dialog creates incomplete output when using the " create VRT" option2013-05-19 04:11 AM
7843Bug reportClosedSevere/Regression"add class" in qgis master graduated symbology is broken2013-05-19 04:15 AM
7393Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionwms identify in "feature" format does not show attributes2013-05-21 02:14 PM
7741Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncannot choose anymore not to add a wms layer as jpegRadim Blazek2013-05-21 02:21 PM
7867Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionOnce you change symbology, you can no longer edit the attributes with "edit feature form" after re-loading the project2013-05-24 06:04 AM
7892Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressioncolumns order in vector properties -> fields is wrong2013-05-24 06:17 AM
4719Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionNew Labelling, Advanced tab: inactive options?2013-05-25 04:38 AM
7654Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionPython Console editor unable to import qgis.* 2013-05-25 04:54 AM
7623Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionLayers out of orderJürgen Fischer2013-05-25 08:35 AM

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