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12184Feature requestClosedNormalcatch "Raise Warning" and "Raise Notice" messages from PostGIS2015-02-15 03:10 AM
14566Feature requestClosedNormalchange orientation of pages in composer when there's more than one2017-12-18 11:42 PM
4432Feature requestClosedNormalchanging the default behavior for "coordinate reference system of new layers" in QGIS general options2011-10-25 01:56 AM
12150Feature requestClosedNormalcheck/fix vector layers before geoprocessing operations2016-08-23 06:57 AM
10820Feature requestClosedLowcheckbox to 'derotate' certain layers in composer2015-08-05 09:07 PM
11310Feature requestClosedNormalchoose label field when classifying categorized2014-10-02 09:02 AM
14035Feature requestClosedNormalcircular string show vertex for curve center as X or other means2016-01-18 01:48 PM
7416Feature requestClosedLowclassification-type shape files2013-03-22 06:33 PM
18173Feature requestClosedNormalclosest point to a feature plugin2018-02-22 11:37 AM
3044Feature requestClosedLowcollision detection for symbols2018-03-05 09:23 AM
2518Feature requestClosedLowcolumn limit when copying to clipboard from the table of attibutes: add a checkbox to avoid copy nodes coordinates2012-12-10 02:28 PM
10300Feature requestClosedNormalcomposer: show annotations / canvas items above composer grid2017-01-30 03:16 AM
7579Feature requestClosedNormalconsistent colour choices needed2018-02-01 12:33 AM
11485Feature requestClosedNormalcopy string attribute into another one changes the length of the target column2015-03-05 06:59 AM
1638Feature requestClosedLowcopy/paste of attributes/layers (merge) gives unexpected results(?)2009-08-10 07:51 AM
10323Feature requestClosedNormalcopy/paste style for multiple layers2015-12-13 02:48 AM
12111Feature requestClosedNormaldbManager: Export more formats, not just shape2015-09-21 01:20 PM
8728Feature requestClosedNormaldefault folder for composer template2016-03-28 12:57 PM
12492Feature requestClosedNormaldefaults for the edit widgets2016-08-29 10:59 PM
17032Feature requestClosedNormaldelete (or propose to) all files of a shapefile with browser2019-03-31 11:33 PM
14614Feature requestClosedNormaldiagrams: missing unit types for line width2016-04-05 04:57 AM
10788Feature requestClosedNormaldisplay current project path in project properties2014-07-03 02:47 AM
4736Feature requestClosedNormaldo not create the .gislock file under Windows (as native GRASS now does)2012-01-02 09:36 AM
7681Feature requestClosedLowdouble left click on CRS Selector window's list items should behave as having clicked on ok2015-12-14 08:40 PM
10551Feature requestClosedNormaldragging an annotation marker should respect / make use of snapping settings2017-01-30 03:16 AM
4749Feature requestClosedNormaleditable option for combo box in value relation editor cannot be used2014-12-12 01:47 AM
16796Feature requestClosedNormalexport geopdf and geotiff form print composer2017-08-31 07:23 PM
4435Feature requestClosedNormalextent snapping options2011-11-02 04:32 AM
5021Feature requestClosedNormalfTools: add results to the original file, do not produce a new one2017-05-01 01:22 AM
2778Feature requestClosedLowfield calculator window not completely visible on a small screen2015-11-10 06:45 AM
5214Feature requestClosedNormalfield-calculator: a new function to fill a string of repeated chars2012-10-05 06:06 AM
689Feature requestClosedLowfill color doesn't affect the symbols2015-10-27 08:39 AM
3430Feature requestClosedNormalfill pattern missing for point markers in new symbology engine2016-06-16 02:26 AM
13750Feature requestClosedNormalfilter legend according to canvas extent AND scale visibility range for layers2016-01-06 01:02 PM
2663Feature requestClosedLowformat floating point labels2011-12-16 09:52 AM
14098Feature requestClosedNormalftools geoprocessing tools are slow with large dataset, port them to c++2018-02-05 01:13 AM
4384Feature requestClosedNormalftools: expose an (geos) option in the qgis gui to do some snapping/renoding before running an union2018-06-05 04:06 AM
9154Feature requestClosedNormalftools: polygon to edges2017-05-01 01:21 AM
4382Feature requestClosedNormalftools: when using the DISSOLVE tool allow controlling how will result the record in the table of attributes2017-05-01 01:22 AM
2389Feature requestClosedLowfunction to create simple geometries, square, rectangle, triangle2011-10-24 11:15 AM
6436Feature requestClosedNormalgdal_rasterize GUI does not include the "-burn" option2018-02-02 09:02 AM
6659Feature requestRejectedNormalgdal_rasterize GUI include the "-tr" option2012-11-07 08:46 PM
3469Feature requestClosedLowgdaltools: virtual catalog fails with many files2015-11-19 06:59 AM
3808Feature requestClosedLowget rid of annoying svg messages2014-04-23 05:14 PM
9587Feature requestClosedNormalhonor path from all sides - program and add on 2014-02-19 11:01 AM
1841Feature requestClosedLowhorizontal legends2013-07-27 12:36 AM
4594Feature requestClosedNormalidentify feature on ecw extremely long2012-08-23 01:43 AM
19403Feature requestClosedNormalidentify interpolate between measures2018-08-14 09:33 PM
7091Feature requestClosedNormalimplement (non-blur) label drop shadow effect2013-04-17 07:01 PM
3706Feature requestClosedLowimprove loading of qml to load source layer2015-11-20 07:04 AM
1238Feature requestClosedLowincrease the precision of lines/outlines size settings in Symbology2011-12-25 11:55 AM
12879Feature requestClosedNormalisSelected operator to define expression baswesd style on selection2019-01-22 04:36 AM
121Feature requestClosedLowjoin external tables to geometries2011-03-12 07:49 AM
13176Feature requestClosedLowjoin non-spatial tabel2016-06-09 09:48 PM
1970Feature requestClosedLowlabel placement2013-03-16 01:03 PM
3492Feature requestClosedLowlabel-ng: add X,Y offset2012-09-04 11:57 PM
11463Feature requestClosedNormallabelling and map display tips with SQL and 1:n relations2016-06-09 01:19 PM
1419Feature requestClosedLowlabels consisting of multiple field should be possible2011-08-28 06:57 PM
8495Feature requestClosedNormallat-long graticule on projected map2015-02-21 02:40 AM
7494Feature requestClosedNormallayer feature identification in future versions2013-04-04 09:46 AM
1283Feature requestClosedLowlet modify font color in legend, label, scale2013-03-16 09:37 AM
3387Feature requestClosedLowlet the user select the color map extreme colors2011-11-18 08:24 AM
1199Feature requestClosedLowlet the user specify overviews format and compression2014-06-29 10:12 AM
19733Feature requestClosedNormalmake GPKG the default output format for GRASS tools2018-12-24 10:42 AM
12939Feature requestClosedNormalmake the field calculator compute areas and lengths in units other than map units.2016-02-14 06:53 PM
17199Feature requestClosedHighmap composer: distribute selected items2017-12-18 11:39 PM
10055Feature requestClosedNormalmap legends in composer - should be able to limit the number of decimal places displayed2014-10-27 01:12 PM
9398Feature requestClosedLowmap overview in composer with different coordinate systems2017-12-19 01:19 AM
4320Feature requestClosedLowmapserver export plugin: update it to work with new symbology2014-06-12 02:15 AM
13773Feature requestClosedNormalmask for heatmap style2015-11-06 11:59 AM
6626Feature requestClosedNormalmerge and publishing2015-12-22 09:52 AM
9652Feature requestClosedNormalmerge shapefiles: add option to get the result directly in project CRS2017-12-07 11:14 AM
6676Feature requestClosedNormalmore sophisticated treating with NULL values in label expressions2012-11-15 12:29 PM
10569Feature requestClosedHighno "append data to table" option2016-11-21 10:51 PM
6813Feature requestClosedNormalno dashes lines in print composer legend2013-02-17 01:16 AM
15621Feature requestClosedNormalnum_selected variable and/or function2017-03-29 02:34 AM
9478Feature requestClosedNormaloffer ubuntugis-based qgis master builds for ubuntu 13.10 (saucy salamander) 2014-05-02 09:57 PM
16751Feature requestClosedNormalopen jpeg images with GPS EXIF as points2017-06-24 10:45 AM
10310Feature requestClosedNormalopen project on launch **relative path** option2016-06-26 05:17 AM
14124Feature requestClosedNormaloption to export as raster on a per-item basis in print composer2017-12-18 11:42 PM
12693Feature requestClosedNormaloption to have the label color automatically match the polygon color2016-06-10 03:03 PM
16539Feature requestClosedNormaloption to skip layer table panel if adding a geopackage to the project using the api2017-08-24 10:12 AM
8929Feature requestClosedNormaloption to switch off dpi parameter when accessing WMS layers2013-10-22 10:56 PM
2332Feature requestClosedLowplease add +towgs parameters2013-03-17 11:19 AM
5038Feature requestClosedNormalplease donate a translation for the desktop icon comment2015-11-09 04:40 AM
4047Feature requestClosedLowplugin postgis manager - table versioning tool: improvement2011-07-05 03:01 AM
7390Feature requestClosedNormalprint composer's overview frame feature selection setting should be reversed2014-05-18 02:18 PM
3121Feature requestClosedLowprint composer: allow generating the legend classes of only the visibile features2014-09-25 04:06 AM
3045Feature requestClosedLowprint preview: show as % of printout size2014-04-07 02:18 AM
12884Feature requestClosedNormalproblem during compilation with a project2015-06-05 12:06 PM
9849Feature requestClosedNormalprocessing - use windows that don't lock QGIS interface2015-07-14 12:40 PM
4323Feature requestClosedNormalprovide link to plugins issue trackers2015-11-09 05:36 AM
5887Feature requestClosedNormalqgis on a GetFeatureInfo use always text/plain2016-12-01 06:41 AM
11430Feature requestClosedNormalqgis osgeo4w portable install2014-10-29 12:01 PM
7594Feature requestClosedNormalqgis_mapserv.fcgi should respect http_proxy settings from environment2014-09-09 01:04 AM
1795Feature requestClosedLowr.patch: allow adding rasters, not typing them2018-02-24 03:55 PM
6731Feature requestClosedNormalr.water.outlet - click to select coordinates2016-12-28 09:48 AM
6949Feature requestClosedNormalraster "save as..." dialog misses the "add result to map" option2015-05-20 06:23 AM
1878Feature requestClosedLowremove setjmp/longjmp in grass plugin&provider and use exceptions instead2010-03-15 12:51 PM
7208Feature requestClosedNormalreplace the "merge shapefiles" code with new more efficient one (python code available)2018-06-05 04:16 AM
12972Feature requestClosedNormalrun action on identify2017-05-06 11:33 PM
6397Feature requestClosedNormalsave and restore the command history in the Python console2015-11-09 06:13 AM
4887Feature requestClosedLowsave choice of "Item reference point" for composer items.2014-05-20 08:12 PM
6667Feature requestClosedLowsave map tips status configuration2015-12-22 10:11 AM
5426Feature requestClosedNormalselected objects should go to top level2015-12-09 02:48 AM
3061Feature requestClosedLowsetting min/max for symbology2015-11-18 07:48 AM
4679Feature requestClosedLowshow GRASS raster labels in the raster properties, colormap tab2014-06-20 09:47 AM
10305Feature requestClosedNormalshow feature coordinate in identify tool result2016-02-01 12:58 AM
3122Feature requestClosedNormalshow map units in the field calculator2014-06-21 07:32 AM
8749Feature requestClosedNormalsimple summarized help about how to contribute to the QGIS documentation ?2016-08-03 02:32 AM
8537Feature requestClosedNormalsnap when measuring2014-01-27 02:52 AM
19245Feature requestClosedHighsnapping on hover when we want to rotate features depending a specific anchor point2018-06-22 07:32 PM
4436Feature requestClosedHighsnapping when moving2011-12-10 05:44 AM
505Feature requestClosedLowspatial bookmarks always active (instead should be active only where created)2009-08-22 12:57 AM
4346Feature requestClosedLowstartup tip suggestion2016-01-03 06:11 AM
9688Feature requestClosedNormalstore the layer data source in a saved style2014-03-09 04:23 PM
4565Feature requestClosedNormalstoring qml file in the postgis table comments2015-11-09 04:57 AM
12232Feature requestClosedNormalsupport wfs 2 connections from metasearch2016-03-31 06:05 AM
2830Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: add option to sort size-scaled symbols with largest at bottom2017-08-13 06:01 PM
12975Feature requestClosedLowsync connections between browser and "Add Layer(s) from WM(T)S Server Dialoge"2016-06-14 10:25 PM
1442Feature requestClosedHighsystem specific location of qgis settings2013-02-20 07:13 AM
6536Feature requestClosedNormaltable data refresh button2012-10-18 01:05 AM
7317Feature requestClosedNormaltemporarily disable vertex and segment snapping settings via keyboard shortcut2013-03-11 01:01 AM
13839Feature requestClosedNormaltemporary deactivate snapping options while digitizing2015-11-16 03:33 AM
13409Feature requestClosedNormaltext into layout legend symbol2019-01-22 04:45 AM
8544Feature requestClosedNormaltoggle each class in TOC2015-12-01 11:34 PM
10530Feature requestClosedNormaltoggle feature subset on/off2015-12-01 11:33 PM
5963Feature requestClosedNormaltoo much decimals in graduated style classification2014-10-27 06:02 AM
9352Feature requestClosedNormalupdate 7 parameter transformation fir Israel ITM grid2019-05-24 08:03 AM
15892Feature requestClosedNormalupdate svg symbol markers2017-09-22 09:56 AM
5587Feature should allow us to ignore details2015-12-09 05:00 AM
16255Feature requestClosedLowway to avoid loss of non-core svg folders during upgrade2017-10-31 01:39 AM
12673Feature requestClosedNormalwhen creating a composer, show a *sorted* list of existing print composers 2017-03-20 10:19 PM
12255Feature requestClosedNormalwms vendor parameters2015-02-24 12:56 PM
5451Feature requestClosedNormalworking with DWG format2012-04-22 05:31 AM
13262Feature requestClosedNormalworld file should better handle multipage composers2015-09-14 03:17 AM
10377Feature requestClosedNormalwould like ability to disable vertical axis labels appearing on sides when map is rotated2015-03-17 10:00 PM
2063Feature requestClosedLowwrapper for R and GRASS2013-03-16 01:07 PM

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