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2955Feature requestClosedLowWould be very useful to be able to move text along a roadJürgen Fischer2010-11-27 04:18 AM
3284Feature requestClosedLowWrapping long labelsNathan Woodrow2012-01-08 05:12 PM
5221Feature requestClosedLowWrite QPJ file when defining CRS for layer2015-12-08 09:02 AM
12806Feature requestClosedNormalWrite output table in R scripts not supportedVictor Olaya2017-05-01 11:06 AM
1517Feature requestClosedLowWrong man page ext for qgis 1.0.0nobody -2009-08-22 01:02 AM
15927Feature requestClosedNormalY format parameter for Tile Server (XYZ) layersAlessandro Pasotti2017-05-17 10:15 AM
683Feature requestClosedLowYet another i18n wrappingsMagnus Homann2009-08-22 12:51 AM
18952Feature requestClosedNormalZIP multiraster layer2018-06-09 08:53 AM
4429Feature requestClosedNormalZonal statistics: please add checkbox2017-01-02 01:26 AM
4430Feature requestClosedNormalZonal statistics: please add more variables2017-01-02 01:26 AM
4173Feature requestClosedNormalZoom out tool-variabilitySteven Mizuno2016-05-30 06:37 PM
1522Feature requestClosedLowZoom to Next functionalityGary Sherman2009-08-22 01:02 AM
19627Feature requestClosedNormalZoom to Postcode pluginBorys Jurgiel2018-08-15 11:07 AM
2580Feature requestClosedLowZoom to best scale vs Zoom Actual Sizenobody -2010-06-11 11:23 PM
2783Feature requestClosedLowZoom to group2012-10-09 02:30 AM
2752Feature requestClosedLowZoom to layer doesn't work with Querynobody -2010-05-29 11:40 AM
1004Feature requestClosedLowZoom to mouse cursorMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:54 AM
588Feature requestClosedLowZoom to scale featurenobody -2009-08-22 12:45 AM
1383Feature requestClosedLowZoom to selection while digitizing keeps old extent2015-11-16 07:54 AM
2785Feature requestClosedLow[Cmake] FindGRASS.cmake issuenobody -2010-07-02 01:18 PM
21284Feature requestClosedNormal[Expression] Allow negative value for vertex index in angle_at_vertex/distance_at_vertex/point_n... functionsMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2019-03-13 05:49 AM
2412Feature requestClosedLow[FEATURE] Support for user defined plugin pathBorys Jurgiel2010-04-04 03:32 AM
9810Feature requestClosedNormal[GDAL][NetCDF] Generate band name with NetCDF EXTRA_DIM2014-06-30 12:19 AM
18495Feature requestClosedNormal[Layout] Show panel or toolbar name when hovering over2018-03-22 12:24 AM
1357Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] Build overview for Jpeg-in-TIFF file only if GDAL uses libtiff >= 4.0ersts -2009-07-27 05:32 PM
3240Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] Improve Measure tool (measure on ellipsoid)Tim Sutton2010-12-21 03:53 AM
3405Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] Prompt for symbol overwritingMartin Dobias2011-02-21 02:27 PM
2869Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] Small FixesOtto Dassau2010-07-06 11:17 AM
1912Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] area not null for symbols with value zeroMarco Hugentobler2010-03-25 01:09 PM
1040Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] qgis crashes when I try to add RPF A.TOC file (also: RasterLite support)Jürgen Fischer2012-02-15 01:14 PM
6757Feature requestClosedNormal[Patch] Abort classification upon high number of classes2012-12-05 05:42 PM
3139Feature requestClosedLow[Patch] Custom query for the spatialite providerSandro Furieri2010-12-20 04:41 PM
2662Feature requestClosedLow[Patch] custom query in postgres providernobody -2010-04-20 12:29 PM
16105Feature requestClosedHigh[Processing] Add lwgeom provider to core ProcessingVictor Olaya2017-02-03 04:06 AM
19712Feature requestClosedNormal[Processing] Add units drop-down widget to offset parameters in "Points along geometry" algorithm2018-08-29 11:01 AM
18681Feature requestClosedNormal[Processing] Allow "select by ..." algorithms to work with selected features2018-06-01 10:30 AM
18682Feature requestClosedNormal[Processing] Allow "select by attribute" algorithm output to alter current selection2018-05-16 03:47 PM
15523Feature requestClosedNormal[Processing] GDAL advanced options in batch modeVictor Olaya2017-01-24 03:28 AM
19001Feature requestClosedNormal[Python Console] Modify the _pyqgis command behavior2018-05-29 10:38 PM
228Feature requestClosedLow[SVN] Set svn:ignore property on the repository filesGary Sherman2006-08-10 04:24 AM
11301Feature requestClosedNormal[composer] Add option to hide item bounding boxesNyall Dawson2015-09-18 06:14 AM
8995Feature requestClosedNormal[composer] Size of scale bar bloated (problem for Atlas, LizMap, QWC)2015-05-07 05:25 AM
9281Feature requestClosedHigh[composer] add option to disable antialiasing when exporting compositions2018-02-22 11:53 AM
8686Feature requestRejectedNormal[feature request] Automatic redirections from language code subdirectories URLs ?2013-09-26 04:59 AM
1975Feature requestClosedLowability to create legend groups via the QGis apiMartin Dobias2009-12-19 08:31 AM
2019Feature requestClosedLowaccess to actions from attribute table - goneJürgen Fischer2009-12-28 01:32 PM
2808Feature requestClosedLowaccess wktraster using gdaltoolsGiuseppe Sucameli2011-12-23 01:12 PM
7481Feature requestClosedLowadd "rename layer" function in QGIS browser, at least for postgis, spatialite, etc.2013-04-01 01:39 AM
2723Feature requestClosedLowadd "save edits" iconnobody -2010-06-12 03:04 AM
9288Feature requestClosedNormaladd $map, $composer variables to expression builder2014-01-06 07:50 PM
7719Feature requestClosedNormaladd GML response to GetFeatureInfo in qgis mapserverMarco Hugentobler2013-09-14 03:38 AM
1749Feature requestClosedLowadd WMS tile caching supportnobody -2010-03-21 03:16 PM
3173Feature requestClosedLowadd a "Clear" button to Raster CalculatorMarco Hugentobler2011-03-04 07:14 PM
11153Feature requestClosedNormaladd a "follow placement" alignment for multiline labels Larry Shaffer2015-03-19 01:49 AM
9412Feature requestClosedNormaladd a "minimum characters to wrap" option to labels2014-03-04 05:12 AM
2530Feature requestClosedLowadd a "query manager"nobody -2010-05-25 04:08 PM
1659Feature requestClosedLowadd a 'reload button' to the QGIS table2017-05-01 11:37 AM
1090Feature requestClosedLowadd a section to the introduction about conventions used in the manualtaraathan -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
6961Feature requestClosedLowadd additional path for python plugins in system options2019-02-27 03:17 PM
3256Feature requestClosedLowadd batch mode in ftools "export to new projection" (for shapefiles)cfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
7777Feature requestClosedNormaladd blend mode option to qgis composer map item's gridNyall Dawson2013-05-14 12:02 AM
1521Feature requestClosedLowadd column function misses an option to define the length for string type columnsnobody -2009-05-12 02:15 AM
2719Feature requestClosedLowadd file managerMartin Dobias2011-08-23 01:41 AM
6233Feature requestClosedLowadd filters for explicitly save in tab or mif in 'save as ' dialog2012-11-07 04:10 AM
680Feature requestClosedLowadd geographic columns to PostGISMarco Hugentobler2009-07-22 03:27 AM
9144Feature requestClosedLowadd iface global to script namespaceVictor Olaya2018-11-04 11:36 PM
9176Feature requestClosedNormaladd layerid in record category for expressions2015-08-23 10:55 PM
11309Feature requestClosedNormaladd new variable in expression: filename and projection2016-08-21 09:35 AM
3043Feature requestClosedLowadd objects to map layout2013-03-16 01:40 PM
5560Feature requestClosedLowadd option for field display order in identify window2015-12-23 12:12 PM
9000Feature requestClosedNormaladd option to allow marker line symbology start not at the beginning of the line2014-05-08 05:04 AM
7847Feature requestClosedNormaladd possibility to determine alpha values in gradient color ramp start, end, and stops colors2013-05-19 11:04 PM
1623Feature requestClosedLowadd r.external moduleLorenzo Masini2009-08-12 12:05 AM
1763Feature requestClosedLowadd r.external.all moduleLorenzo Masini2009-07-28 08:30 AM
1728Feature requestClosedLowadd module2018-02-24 03:34 PM
2839Feature requestClosedLowadd rasterlite support in "add spatialite layer" or add new button "add rasterlite layer"2014-06-20 08:38 AM
2913Feature requestClosedLowadd support for ntv2 grids and +towgs84 parameters in the "save as..." dialogsnobody -2011-03-08 11:30 AM
5651Feature requestClosedNormaladd the "-wo OPTIMIZE_SIZE=TRUE" option to the warp toolGiovanni Manghi2016-03-25 07:45 AM
17581Feature requestClosedNormaladd the ability to control if a layer action is displayed or not David Signer2018-02-25 05:10 PM
6059Feature requestClosedNormaladd the ability to select character code when creating a new shape file2013-05-05 04:10 AM
12108Feature requestClosedNormaladd undo action for last node during digitizing2015-01-31 10:17 AM
8045Feature requestClosedNormaladd unit test for startup options (pluginpath, configpath)Larry Shaffer2014-02-13 12:31 PM
12817Feature requestClosedNormaladd v.distance to Processing/GRASSVictor Olaya2016-03-01 11:59 PM
1783Feature requestClosedLowadd v.split to GRASS toolboxLorenzo Masini2009-07-16 04:21 AM
3123Feature requestClosedLowadd wildfire modeling commands to the GRASS toobox2014-06-24 04:34 AM
3832Feature requestClosedLowadd x y input to move2017-05-06 11:37 AM
7974Feature requestClosedNormaladd zoom controls for map object in composer (other than mouse wheel)Nyall Dawson2014-09-19 07:50 PM
7513Feature requestClosedNormaladd {road,others} label shields as part of default QGIS svg symbols2013-05-14 11:57 PM
2133Feature requestClosedLowadd/delete/edit labels graduatedsymbolrendererv2Martin Dobias2009-11-21 02:03 PM
700Feature requestClosedLowadded the -c flag to v.out.ogrnobody -2009-08-22 12:51 AM
2115Feature requestClosedLowadding SVG directories require restart of QGISnobody -2009-11-19 01:41 AM
1087Feature requestClosedLowadding postgis data with geometry field based on a domain and not a simple geometry typeJürgen Fischer2008-05-15 12:34 PM
7526Feature requestClosedNormaladditional info in identify needed2013-04-07 02:20 AM
2469Feature requestClosedLowadvancedDigitizeToolBar is not visible for plugin developmentGary Sherman2010-03-27 11:19 AM
3614Feature requestClosedLowafter creating a new WMS/WFS/POSTGIS/SL connection the same is not automatically selectedGiuseppe Sucameli2011-03-14 12:35 PM
11193Feature requestClosedNormalallow CRS selection for map frame in composer2017-03-18 03:56 AM
5315Feature requestClosedNormalallow a layer to have relative coordinates2012-04-05 07:32 AM
2838Feature requestClosedLowallow add existing layers to existing SL dbsnobody -2010-06-26 12:45 PM
9726Feature requestClosedNormalallow choose inputs from project when usign tools in batch modeVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:30 AM
5731Feature requestClosedLowallow create raster style (qml) based on the values of a set of rasters (instead of just one)2014-06-20 09:48 AM
6136Feature requestClosedNormalallow for user to change the line height of qgis composer label elements2013-04-17 07:07 PM
9757Feature requestClosedNormalallow for users to disable feature clipping to extend on a per layer basis2015-03-28 03:55 AM
3717Feature requestClosedLowallow loading vector legend from text file2014-12-20 01:58 AM
10299Feature requestClosedNormalallow multiple overviews in composer2014-07-20 04:01 AM
15823Feature requestClosedNormalallow negative map rotation value in print composer2017-05-31 04:54 AM
9367Feature requestClosedNormalallow setting smaller scale bar in composer Scalebar items2015-06-23 07:07 AM
10661Feature requestClosedNormalallow to choose and fill coordinates from canvasVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:33 AM
2742Feature requestClosedLowannoying NULL indicators in empty text fields in attribute forms and tablenobody -2010-05-30 12:40 PM
8541Feature requestClosedNormalare mrSID and ecw going to be available in Windows builds?2013-09-01 10:26 AM
3042Feature requestClosedLowarrow extremities cannot be moved2018-01-29 06:52 PM
7541Feature requestClosedNormalattribute table : add a "show selected features if there is a selection" behaviorMatthias Kuhn2015-04-27 11:31 PM
11555Feature requestClosedLowattribute table toolbar - delete selected rows icon and remove selection icon too similar and are close together2014-11-04 05:11 PM
2432Feature requestClosedLowauthentication method 7 not supportednobody -2010-09-16 11:18 PM
1035Feature requestClosedLowautomated generation of srs.db (in line with postgis, proj and gdal)nobody -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
3360Feature requestClosedLowavcimport program missing from osgeo4w packagenobody -2010-12-20 12:10 PM
2116Feature requestClosedLowavoid black and white from default colors2015-11-14 11:52 AM
10553Feature requestClosedNormalbackground of the annotation text window's text box should be set to the annotation's background color2016-07-25 10:53 PM
15282Feature requestClosedNormalbackport to 2.18 "v.voronoi.skeleton.txt" (avaiable only on master).Giovanni Manghi2017-07-19 07:59 PM
11486Feature requestClosedNormalbasic statistics in Geoprocessing tools2014-10-24 06:40 AM
2779Feature requestClosedLowbatch creation of spatial index (.qix)2011-11-12 02:53 AM
2668Feature requestClosedLowbetter documentation for raster based terrain analysis plugin2015-03-05 06:18 AM
11480Feature requestClosedNormalbetter error messagesVictor Olaya2015-06-07 04:20 AM
2626Feature requestClosedLowbetter handling to change snapping optionsnobody -2011-03-10 01:27 PM
1962Feature requestClosedLowbigint types in graduated or continuos color symbology are not considered validnobody -2009-10-01 07:04 AM
8113Feature requestClosedLowbuildvrt: list of files as a file, not as a list2017-08-18 03:23 PM
1099Feature requestClosedLowbutton to add class graduated symbol dialog2009-07-17 06:11 AM
3936Feature requestClosedLowcan't open OGR Supported layers (stable version 0.7.4)Gary Sherman2007-04-05 01:47 AM
2034Feature requestClosedLowcancel last vertex during editingnobody -2009-10-27 02:56 PM
1223Feature requestClosedLowcannot remove islands from multipolygonsnobody -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
12184Feature requestClosedNormalcatch "Raise Warning" and "Raise Notice" messages from PostGIS2015-02-15 03:10 AM
2858Feature requestClosedLowcatch empty printsJürgen Fischer2010-07-17 04:19 AM
3176Feature requestClosedLowchange "keyhole markup language" to KMLnobody -2010-11-01 09:22 AM
9479Feature requestClosedNormalchange composer item frame join style to miter join Nyall Dawson2014-04-14 06:55 AM
1968Feature requestClosedLowchange icon for OGR Layer Converter pluginBorys Jurgiel2009-11-08 05:54 PM
14566Feature requestClosedNormalchange orientation of pages in composer when there's more than one2017-12-18 11:42 PM
1675Feature requestClosedLowchangeGeometry patchnobody -2009-05-02 11:19 AM
4432Feature requestClosedNormalchanging the default behavior for "coordinate reference system of new layers" in QGIS general options2011-10-25 01:56 AM
12150Feature requestClosedNormalcheck/fix vector layers before geoprocessing operations2016-08-23 06:57 AM
10820Feature requestClosedLowcheckbox to 'derotate' certain layers in composer2015-08-05 09:07 PM
11310Feature requestClosedNormalchoose label field when classifying categorized2014-10-02 09:02 AM
14035Feature requestClosedNormalcircular string show vertex for curve center as X or other means2016-01-18 01:48 PM
7416Feature requestClosedLowclassification-type shape files2013-03-22 06:33 PM
480Feature requestClosedLowclip based on extent of other dataset(s)Tim Sutton2012-01-28 02:56 PM
18173Feature requestClosedNormalclosest point to a feature plugin2018-02-22 11:37 AM
1160Feature requestClosedLowcmake 2.6 developer warningsJürgen Fischer2009-07-27 08:41 PM
3044Feature requestClosedLowcollision detection for symbols2018-03-05 09:23 AM
782Feature requestClosedLowcolor ramps for raster layersMarco Hugentobler2012-08-10 12:42 PM
2518Feature requestClosedLowcolumn limit when copying to clipboard from the table of attibutes: add a checkbox to avoid copy nodes coordinates2012-12-10 02:28 PM
10300Feature requestClosedNormalcomposer: show annotations / canvas items above composer grid2017-01-30 03:16 AM
5738Feature requestClosedNormalconnect "Translation and international" with qgis-tr mailing listQGIS Translation Team2015-10-22 12:57 AM
7579Feature requestClosedNormalconsistent colour choices needed2018-02-01 12:33 AM
351Feature requestClosedLowconversion of ArcView/ArcGIS projectsGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:57 AM
975Feature requestClosedLowconvert 'Identify Features' satellite window into Dock-able window/widgetnobody -2009-12-10 12:37 AM
510Feature requestClosedLowconvert a gpx in shapenobody -2009-08-22 12:45 AM
4070Feature requestClosedNormalcopy and paste in map composerMarco Hugentobler2012-01-02 04:34 AM
11485Feature requestClosedNormalcopy string attribute into another one changes the length of the target column2015-03-05 06:59 AM
59Feature requestClosedLowcopy to clipboard supportJürgen Fischer2009-08-04 04:05 AM
1638Feature requestClosedLowcopy/paste of attributes/layers (merge) gives unexpected results(?)2009-08-10 07:51 AM
10323Feature requestClosedNormalcopy/paste style for multiple layers2015-12-13 02:48 AM
441Feature requestClosedLowcustom raster transparencyersts -2008-01-10 11:39 PM
12111Feature requestClosedNormaldbManager: Export more formats, not just shape2015-09-21 01:20 PM
1207Feature requestClosedLowdeal with GRASS rasters missing a colortablenobody -2009-05-18 01:59 AM
1879Feature requestClosedLowdebian build-depends missing pyqt4-dev-toolsnobody -2009-08-17 11:34 PM
8728Feature requestClosedNormaldefault folder for composer template2016-03-28 12:57 PM
1777Feature requestClosedLowdefault port for qgis.db.connect-loginLorenzo Masini2009-07-15 12:31 AM
1776Feature requestClosedLowdefault port for qgis.db.connect-loginLorenzo Masini2009-07-13 02:23 PM
12492Feature requestClosedNormaldefaults for the edit widgets2016-08-29 10:59 PM
679Feature requestClosedLowdelay recording of changes to PostGIS (for laptops and other offline devices)Marco Hugentobler2010-10-05 02:05 AM
17032Feature requestClosedNormaldelete (or propose to) all files of a shapefile with browser2019-03-31 11:33 PM
416Feature requestClosedLowdelimited text file enhancementMagnus Homann2007-01-01 02:24 PM
1022Feature requestClosedLowdelimited text layer plugin: robustnessMagnus Homann2010-10-30 09:37 AM
3046Feature requestClosedLowdelimited text plugin: add an option to skip first linesTim Sutton2010-11-14 08:16 AM
2514Feature requestClosedLowdiagrams: add bar charts with support for negative valuesMarco Hugentobler2012-12-10 02:23 PM
14614Feature requestClosedNormaldiagrams: missing unit types for line width2016-04-05 04:57 AM
4252Feature requestClosedNormaldifferent built-in tools calculate inconsistent polygon areasMagnus Homann2016-02-15 05:13 PM
1882Feature requestClosedLowdifferent snapping behavior for each editable layernobody -2009-11-27 09:10 AM
9405Feature requestClosedNormaldifferentiate between built-in plugins and user pluginsBorys Jurgiel2017-10-25 08:44 PM
1740Feature requestClosedLowdigitize polygon/polyline snapping more than one node of another vector objectnobody -2017-05-01 11:43 AM
10788Feature requestClosedNormaldisplay current project path in project properties2014-07-03 02:47 AM
552Feature requestClosedLowdisplay vector line directionMarco Hugentobler2010-06-11 09:30 PM
4736Feature requestClosedNormaldo not create the .gislock file under Windows (as native GRASS now does)2012-01-02 09:36 AM
1625Feature requestClosedLowdocument how to write GRASS modulesnobody -2009-06-15 11:46 PM
7681Feature requestClosedLowdouble left click on CRS Selector window's list items should behave as having clicked on ok2015-12-14 08:40 PM
10551Feature requestClosedNormaldragging an annotation marker should respect / make use of snapping settings2017-01-30 03:16 AM
1308Feature requestClosedLowdxf plugin crashes QGISnobody -2011-03-07 08:46 AM
3701Feature requestClosedLoweVis: can't create layer from MS Access queryTim Sutton2011-04-05 09:11 AM
1411Feature requestClosedLowecw supportnobody -2009-08-22 01:02 AM
4749Feature requestClosedNormaleditable option for combo box in value relation editor cannot be used2014-12-12 01:47 AM
1633Feature requestClosedLowediting GRASS tablesnobody -2009-05-28 02:45 AM
176Feature requestClosedLowediting data tablesGary Sherman2009-08-22 12:46 AM
2387Feature requestClosedLowenable creation of spatialite vector layer from scratchGary Sherman2010-04-04 07:40 PM
2774Feature requestClosedLowenable double-click to zoom to bookmarksnobody -2011-06-02 08:24 AM
885Feature requestClosedLowenable user to create new PostGis layersnobody -2009-07-19 01:37 AM
16796Feature requestClosedNormalexport geopdf and geotiff form print composer2017-08-31 07:23 PM
1880Feature requestClosedLowexpose symbol map of unique value rendererJürgen Fischer2009-12-03 09:16 AM
4435Feature requestClosedNormalextent snapping options2011-11-02 04:32 AM
2110Feature requestClosedLowextract node tool: add option for using only selected featurescfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM
2825Feature requestClosedLowfTools - Voronoi polygonscfarmer -2010-11-22 02:53 PM
2057Feature requestClosedLowfTools OK button should be masked out during operationscfarmer -2010-05-13 03:56 PM
3373Feature requestClosedLowfTools buffer geoprocessing error with certain datacfarmer -2017-05-01 01:23 AM

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