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19492Feature requestClosedNormalWie kann ich Script zur ToolBox "Skripte" hinzufügen?2018-07-26 09:55 AM
15331Feature requestClosedNormalIntegrate 2.5D renderer and GlobePirmin Kalberer2018-07-23 08:57 PM
15131Feature requestClosedNormalAdd data defined overrides to Vector Field markers2018-07-23 08:50 PM
12089Feature requestClosedNormalRemember user choice in Save as ...2018-07-23 08:43 PM
13906Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a cluster renderer2018-07-23 08:36 PM
3442Feature requestClosedLowSupport datetime fields in Graduated Renderernobody -2018-07-22 11:21 PM
3271Feature requestClosedLowImplement option "Chain select" (without holding Ctrl down)nobody -2018-07-22 11:16 PM
12324Feature requestClosedHighQGIS 2.8 Wien - Crashed on SQL Server Spatial LayersNathan Woodrow2018-07-20 01:51 PM
19364Feature requestClosedNormalLayouts recent drop-down menu2018-07-09 10:26 PM
19365Feature requestClosedNormalLayout legend sub-layer can't be shown2018-07-09 10:24 PM
19366Feature requestClosedNormalImport layer now too many mouse clicks with Data source Manager2018-07-09 10:23 PM
19368Feature requestClosedNormalCategorize symbols of layer, no option for single colour2018-07-09 10:21 PM
19346Feature requestClosedHighSnap toggle button/icon on status bar2018-07-06 08:19 AM
19261Feature requestClosedNormalEmbedded form with relation: "zoom-to-child-object" button should be removed for non-geometry tablesMatthias Kuhn2018-06-28 01:28 PM
19179Feature requestClosedLowOption to delete layer with keyboard delete key2018-06-26 09:19 PM
10612Feature requestClosedNormalMSSQL - Show user defined error messages2018-06-23 02:38 PM
18935Feature requestClosedNormalImprove implementation of QGIS WFS paging and max number of features optionsEven Rouault2018-06-23 02:04 PM
19245Feature requestClosedHighsnapping on hover when we want to rotate features depending a specific anchor point2018-06-22 07:32 PM
14012Feature requestClosedNormalDB Manager: add an option to store $user to Versioning2018-06-22 07:15 AM
3768Feature requestClosedNormalprint composer & wms layers (max size)Jürgen Fischer2018-06-21 11:50 AM
19143Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing algorithm for filtering attribute ranges2018-06-11 12:04 PM
18952Feature requestClosedNormalZIP multiraster layer2018-06-09 08:53 AM
19136Feature requestClosedNormalEdit gdal command in the GUI as per previous QGIS version2018-06-07 02:19 PM
18476Feature requestClosedLowJoin attributes by location for more than one located feature in QGIS2018-06-07 06:28 AM
7208Feature requestClosedNormalreplace the "merge shapefiles" code with new more efficient one (python code available)2018-06-05 04:16 AM

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