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59Feature requestClosedLowcopy to clipboard supportJürgen Fischer2009-08-04 04:05 AM
1021Feature requestClosedLowPostGIS layers lose the "public" schema in the table part of the URIJürgen Fischer2009-08-22 12:54 AM
1035Feature requestClosedLowautomated generation of srs.db (in line with postgis, proj and gdal)nobody -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
1022Feature requestClosedLowdelimited text layer plugin: robustnessMagnus Homann2010-10-30 09:37 AM
532Feature requestClosedLowselected features disappear after any changenobody -2009-08-22 12:54 AM
1028Feature requestClosedLowDebian package on life supportJürgen Fischer2010-02-10 07:32 AM
1029Feature requestClosedLowAdd support for predefined symbologiesnobody -2008-04-30 06:22 AM
278Feature requestClosedLow2.5D/3D geometry supportMarco Hugentobler2009-08-22 12:45 AM
534Feature requestClosedLowprint composer should be better implementing "WISYWIG" conceptnobody -2009-08-22 12:45 AM
537Feature requestClosedLowPatch for QgsRasterLayer to allow stretching in DrawMultiColorBand, DrawSingleBandGrayTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:45 AM
1040Feature requestClosedLow[PATCH] qgis crashes when I try to add RPF A.TOC file (also: RasterLite support)Jürgen Fischer2012-02-15 01:14 PM
539Feature requestClosedLowqgis windows setup installs shortcuts etc. only for adminTim Sutton2009-08-22 12:51 AM
540Feature requestClosedLowPatch for QgsRasterLayerProperties and QgsRasterLayerPropertiesBase.ui addresses Ticket #443Tim Sutton2009-08-22 12:52 AM

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