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1586Feature requestClosedLowstatus of QGIS SONAMEsJürgen Fischer2010-06-11 12:22 AM
9688Feature requestClosedNormalstore the layer data source in a saved style2014-03-09 04:23 PM
4565Feature requestClosedNormalstoring qml file in the postgis table comments2015-11-09 04:57 AM
4700Feature requestClosedNormalstretching for GRASS rastersOtto Dassau2012-08-20 05:13 AM
12232Feature requestClosedNormalsupport wfs 2 connections from metasearch2016-03-31 06:05 AM
17228Feature requestClosedNormalswitch between simple and batch process dialogs, back and forthVictor Olaya2017-11-10 01:54 AM
1579Feature requestClosedLowswitching back to the prior view/extend is only possible one stepnobody -2009-07-10 12:48 AM
3039Feature requestClosedNormalsymbol levels ignored for rule based renderingMartin Dobias2012-01-29 11:58 AM
2784Feature requestClosedLowsymbol with unique value: label lost on multiple selection&editionnobody -2010-06-30 12:21 PM
1851Feature requestClosedLowsymbology multiple selection should highlight all regardless of different propertiesnobody -2009-08-01 09:20 PM
2830Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: add option to sort size-scaled symbols with largest at bottom2017-08-13 06:01 PM
3279Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: mark only first or last vertex on lineMartin Dobias2010-12-04 07:21 AM
2859Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: unique value/categorized -> allow data driven labelsMarco Hugentobler2010-08-02 08:12 AM
12975Feature requestClosedLowsync connections between browser and "Add Layer(s) from WM(T)S Server Dialoge"2016-06-14 10:25 PM
3645Feature requestClosedLowsynchronize QGIS' SRS definitions with GDAL's 1.8.0 SRS databaseJürgen Fischer2011-05-05 03:51 PM
1442Feature requestClosedHighsystem specific location of qgis settings2013-02-20 07:13 AM
7192Feature requestClosedNormalsystem specific location of qgis settingsNathan Woodrow2017-11-13 08:35 AM
6536Feature requestClosedNormaltable data refresh button2012-10-18 01:05 AM
14554Feature requestRejectedNormaltemplate for application argumentsAlexia Mondot2017-05-03 07:09 PM
1840Feature requestClosedLowtemplate system for layoutsnobody -2009-07-31 08:04 AM
7317Feature requestClosedNormaltemporarily disable vertex and segment snapping settings via keyboard shortcut2013-03-11 01:01 AM
13839Feature requestClosedNormaltemporary deactivate snapping options while digitizing2015-11-16 03:33 AM
13409Feature requestClosedNormaltext into layout legend symbol2019-01-22 04:45 AM
1314Feature requestClosedLowthe extents display on the StatusBar should be updated when map canvas is resizednobody -2009-08-22 12:57 AM
8544Feature requestClosedNormaltoggle each class in TOC2015-12-01 11:34 PM

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