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17926Feature requestClosedNormalAppend raster layer to an existing Geopackage with a checkbox and layer name QLineEdit.2018-09-14 12:08 PM
17349Feature requestClosedNormalSort out the trusted/untrusted plugins/authors stuff Borys Jurgiel2018-09-13 12:49 PM
14680Feature requestClosedNormalUse OpenCL/CUDA for data processing2018-09-05 09:41 AM
10737Feature requestClosedNormalEasier loading of qlr filesNathan Woodrow2018-09-04 04:25 PM
11234Feature requestClosedNormalOptionally embed SVG symbols into style definition2018-09-04 01:50 AM
9278Feature requestClosedNormalStyle size widget isn't separator agnostic , .2018-09-04 01:50 AM
19738Feature requestClosedNormalAdd checkbox to mask deactivated layers in layout legend2018-09-02 05:06 PM
19125Feature requestClosedNormalAlways show deprecated plugins in Plugin Manager (remove the option to hide/show them)Borys Jurgiel2018-08-31 01:24 PM
19712Feature requestClosedNormal[Processing] Add units drop-down widget to offset parameters in "Points along geometry" algorithm2018-08-29 11:01 AM
19685Feature requestClosedNormalSome algorithms that could support geometryless layer do not2018-08-25 03:20 PM
16832Feature requestClosedNormalSorting in side column of form viewMatthias Kuhn2018-08-25 08:32 AM
19656Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS3: Extract by selection2018-08-21 11:35 AM
19658Feature requestClosedNormalImport into PostGIS => Export to PostGIS2018-08-21 11:34 AM
19627Feature requestClosedNormalZoom to Postcode pluginBorys Jurgiel2018-08-15 11:07 AM
15611Feature requestClosedNormalAdd line_substring linear referencing function to expression engine2018-08-15 10:38 AM
19403Feature requestClosedNormalidentify interpolate between measures2018-08-14 09:33 PM
17219Feature requestClosedNormalBetter description of bands2018-08-13 11:08 AM
19505Feature requestClosedNormalCan't load a WFS feature type that includes a GeometryCollection GML element2018-08-09 08:22 AM
19150Feature requestClosedNormalAutomatically Use max image dimensions from WMS Capabilities2018-08-06 10:15 AM
8387Feature requestClosedNormalWarn users when saving projects that contain memory/scratch layers2018-08-04 12:12 PM
18134Feature requestClosedNormalWarn user when closing project if memory layers are in legend2018-08-04 12:12 PM
12548Feature requestClosedNormalFunction output to Temporary Scratch Layer2018-08-03 03:37 AM
18755Feature requestClosedNormalEmbedded forms with n:m relations: delete action should ask for confirmation before actually deleting the entryMatthias Kuhn2018-07-31 05:49 PM
19510Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS 3.0.2 plugin Group Stats2018-07-30 05:06 PM
19493Feature requestClosedNormalAdd script to the toolbox2018-07-26 10:34 AM

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