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9144Feature requestClosedLowadd iface global to script namespaceVictor Olaya2018-11-04 11:36 PM
20352Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS-server 3.4 installation and configuration2018-11-04 11:09 PM
20335Feature requestClosedNormalExtract Projection2018-11-02 07:17 PM
12820Feature requestClosedNormalImprove polygon symbol preview 2018-10-31 08:27 AM
20288Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS version in top2018-10-31 05:30 AM
12942Feature requestClosedNormalDocument Clip option in Raster Renderer - Singleband pseudocolor2018-10-28 10:27 AM
13825Feature requestClosedNormalSave a shapefile to an EXISTING ESRI Geodatabase2018-10-26 04:28 PM
20194Feature requestClosedNormalValueMap content cannot be exported or copy pasted2018-10-25 03:57 PM
16432Feature requestClosedNormalUpdate the field list in layer.dataProvider().forceReload()2018-10-24 07:35 PM
6669Feature requestClosedNormalDisplay table and fields comments for postgis datasources2018-10-23 11:41 AM
11103Feature requestClosedNormalSupport for retina displays (HiDPI)2018-10-19 08:57 PM
15497Feature requestClosedNormalUsing Trace status (on/off) in the status bar2018-10-18 07:23 AM
19571Feature requestClosedNormalAdd support to read WFS GML data containing geometry collectionsEven Rouault2018-10-15 08:32 PM
19892Feature requestClosedNormalAppend the layer name to the algorithm dialog title when in edit in-place mode2018-10-10 03:38 PM
16047Feature requestClosedNormalUse the raster band names when available2018-10-09 06:35 AM
13778Feature requestClosedNormalKeep dialog persistent on view>panels and View>toolbar2018-10-08 04:28 PM
13772Feature requestClosedNormalStore 'Field Edit Widget' in Layer Defiition File2018-10-08 04:27 PM
10332Feature requestClosedNormalList possible databases in MS SQL connection dialogNathan Woodrow2018-10-05 11:57 AM
19608Feature requestClosedNormalAvoid adding processing model output to layer list2018-09-25 03:53 AM
19794Feature requestClosedNormalAdd capability for specifying additional options with the gdal:contour processing algorithmGiovanni Manghi2018-09-25 02:11 AM
16587Feature requestClosedNormalNative XYZ provider doesn't support local files2018-09-24 01:07 AM
7814Feature requestClosedNormalQgsExpression: LIKE operator should respect escaped _ and %2018-09-24 12:14 AM
19858Feature requestClosedNormalQgsProcessingParameterNumber needs support for "data defined" parameter values2018-09-22 01:54 AM
19895Feature requestClosedNormalGarbage-collection is not performed after deletion of vector layer from geopackageAlessandro Pasotti2018-09-21 12:16 PM
19064Feature requestClosedNormalIdentify feature - selecting an existing polygonPeter Petrik2018-09-14 02:44 PM

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