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1878Feature requestClosedLowremove setjmp/longjmp in grass plugin&provider and use exceptions instead2010-03-15 12:51 PM
5311Bug reportClosedLowremove the "-s" option (used silently) in "" and/or add it as option2014-06-20 04:49 AM
2302Bug reportClosedLowrender caching places map in wrong place when re-enabling2014-06-24 10:02 AM
10003Bug reportClosedLowrendering artifacts while trying to use a custom CRS Ortho projection on Valmiera2015-08-11 01:03 PM
4177Bug reportClosedLowrestart needed to hide some disabled plugins2011-08-17 03:36 AM
4887Feature requestClosedLowsave choice of "Item reference point" for composer items.2014-05-20 08:12 PM
6667Feature requestClosedLowsave map tips status configuration2015-12-22 10:11 AM
3036Bug reportClosedLowsave to shapefile for postgis layers with too long column names doesn't work2013-10-01 03:11 AM
3859Bug reportClosedLowsegfault on exit after using GRASS layer2011-06-01 01:30 PM
8932Bug reportClosedLowsegmentation fault in GDAL when exiting, QGIS hangs2014-10-29 10:17 AM
14232Bug reportClosedLowselect features in a spatialite view leads to wrong_results2017-10-04 04:03 PM
2718Bug reportClosedLowselecting too large symbol size takes ages to display2014-05-08 10:58 PM
3061Feature requestClosedLowsetting min/max for symbology2015-11-18 07:48 AM
4679Feature requestClosedLowshow GRASS raster labels in the raster properties, colormap tab2014-06-20 09:47 AM
18970Bug reportClosedLowsince Qgis 3.0, program crashes after closing2018-05-28 03:17 PM
3460Bug reportClosedLowslow image load visualization for tfw with rotation parameters2018-02-25 05:52 PM
2104Bug reportClosedLowsnapping tolerance and vertex search radius not configurable anymore with changed decimal symbol2014-06-20 05:03 AM
2472Bug reportClosedLowsome menus have small height in unpopped state with Qt 4.62014-06-28 08:23 AM
505Feature requestClosedLowspatial bookmarks always active (instead should be active only where created)2009-08-22 12:57 AM
4346Feature requestClosedLowstartup tip suggestion2016-01-03 06:11 AM
2569Bug reportClosedLowsuppress blank lines in GRASS output2016-02-15 12:23 AM
5305Bug reportClosedLowsvg fill symbols are presented in a wrong way2014-06-12 04:12 PM
3109Bug reportClosedLowswitching layers does not work2012-12-30 08:28 AM
2830Feature requestClosedLowsymbology: add option to sort size-scaled symbols with largest at bottom2017-08-13 06:01 PM
12975Feature requestClosedLowsync connections between browser and "Add Layer(s) from WM(T)S Server Dialoge"2016-06-14 10:25 PM
7725Bug reportClosedLowthe qgis 1.9 import from 1.8 lost the transparency2016-01-20 12:17 AM
4134Bug reportClosedLowtrying to connect to a non-spatialite sqlite db makes the mouse pointer into an hourglass2011-12-09 09:51 AM
3181Bug reportClosedLowv.clean.prune command without key2012-01-06 05:46 AM
1631Bug reportClosedLowv.db.addcol: table not updated2016-05-18 05:41 AM
3635Bug reportClosedLowv.db.what.connect does not work2015-11-20 08:39 AM
2691Bug reportClosedLowv.db.what.connect.qgm broken2012-02-24 04:06 AM
1989Bug reportClosedLowv.distance should have radio buttons, not checkboxes2016-02-22 09:47 AM
3342Bug exists twice in GRASS toolbox2015-11-19 05:33 AM
3539Bug allow selecting 2/3 columns2016-02-03 05:26 AM
15291Bug reportClosedLowviewing loaded Oracle table take long time!2019-03-09 03:08 PM
16255Feature requestClosedLowway to avoid loss of non-core svg folders during upgrade2017-10-31 01:39 AM
3862Bug reportClosedLowworld-readable postgresql account passwords in QGIS.conf2013-06-27 05:25 AM
2063Feature requestClosedLowwrapper for R and GRASS2013-03-16 01:07 PM

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