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8051Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionsetSubsetOfAttributes() doesn't workMartin Dobias2013-07-09 03:32 AM
8175Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionset raster legend icon generation to off by default2013-06-27 04:07 AM
9360Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionserious regression: whole layer not rendered (when simplify geometry activated)Martin Dobias2014-02-19 08:34 AM
12836Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionserious regression: rendering process of layers fail to render on canvas and composer map itemsMarco Hugentobler2015-06-04 05:55 AM
10607Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionserious regression: data-defined symbology expressions broken with composer {rectangle, ellipse, triangle} shapes2014-06-17 08:03 AM
7781Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionselecting attributes in add attribute table in Map Composer not working well2013-07-08 12:50 PM
12850Bug reportClosedSevere/ under user expression folder in master stops 2.8 to startNathan Woodrow2015-05-31 08:59 PM
8286Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionsave edits becomes slower until QGIS crashes2013-07-13 02:10 AM
7503Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionsave as can't export if datasource has field with date type 2013-04-04 10:31 AM
13275Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionrubberband when using node tool on point layerMarco Hugentobler2015-09-10 01:21 AM
11911Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionrotation: inverted polygon renderer broken with non-zero rotation value Sandro Santilli2015-01-03 08:27 PM
11811Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionrotation regression: zoom to mouse cursor using mouse wheel is brokenSandro Santilli2014-12-22 02:51 AM
8993Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionresizing the map object with "draw coordinates" option active does not work as expectedNyall Dawson2014-01-12 08:53 AM
5665Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionrendering order in rule-based style not working with scale ranges 2012-05-31 02:30 AM
15575Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: zooming in on a canvas with a diagram-enabled polygon layer kills QGIS 2016-09-19 06:14 AM
14118Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: unchecking one sub-layer of a categorized symbology leads to no features being drawn2016-01-18 04:39 PM
15209Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: singleband pseudo color ramp's invert check box brokenMathieu Pellerin - nIRV2016-07-05 01:36 PM
13218Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: rule-based symbology broken when a rule has an empty filter2015-08-28 07:53 AM
15034Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: renaming non-project bookmarks (partially) broken2016-09-17 02:32 PM
14451Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: qgis crashes on project load, in QgsMapLayer::hasScaleBasedVisibilityNyall Dawson2017-09-22 10:05 AM
15026Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: pasting (or loading via .qml) a raster style changes layer extent 2016-06-14 01:00 AM
16353Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: opening raster layer properties window fails to load layer min/max valuesEven Rouault2017-03-29 06:20 PM
16402Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: opening attribute table of a 4mb .OSM vector dataset freezes QGIS2017-04-06 01:56 AM
15179Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: opening and closing the properties window on a non-geometry layer (e.g. csv) crashes QGISMartin Dobias2016-06-30 01:36 AM
13860Bug reportClosedSevere/Regressionregression: lines are drawn with a red fill2015-11-21 02:02 AM

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