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3595Bug reportClosedLowKML files do not show in "add vector layer" dialog2011-03-11 12:50 PM
3542Bug reportClosedLowTable edits cause loss of geometry2011-03-08 03:05 PM
2176Bug reportClosedLowOGR converter: CSV export is broken2011-03-04 09:52 AM
1729Feature requestClosedLowMapInfo: OGR layer converter doesn't work2011-03-04 09:51 AM
2418Bug reportClosedLowOGR layer converter errors2011-03-04 09:48 AM
3494Bug reportClosedLowGibberish in file names after splitting layer2011-02-20 01:44 AM
3495Bug reportClosedLowError while saving vector layer into folder with cyrillic2011-02-16 03:04 AM
2551Bug reportClosedLowSPIT crashes if path to shapefile contains cyrillic2011-02-13 07:14 PM
2339Bug reportClosedLowQGis crashes when moving border between map canvas and overview map and "use render caching..." enabled2011-01-14 03:33 PM
2700Bug reportClosedLowAdding a layer from py plugin, with QgsVectorLayer.setEditFormInit (QString function) set2010-09-19 08:57 AM
2538Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 1.0.2 (Windows binary) crashes on signal from QgsMapToolEmitPoint2010-09-16 11:41 PM
2155Feature requestClosedLowAPI request: add getGeometry method to QgsRubberBand()2010-08-25 02:16 AM
2797Bug reportClosedLowChange EPSG for a WMS Layer2010-07-01 04:14 PM
2203Bug reportClosedLowGPS Tools: spaces in Output File path2010-06-12 10:59 AM
2612Bug reportClosedLowCheck geometry validity returns non OGC compliant result2010-03-31 02:51 AM
2559Bug reportClosedLowI want to save a Projekt, then qGIS crashes and in 2 from 3 cases the project is ruined2010-03-23 11:01 AM
361Feature requestClosedLow"Add as group" option for add data dialog2010-03-20 05:54 AM
1878Feature requestClosedLowremove setjmp/longjmp in grass plugin&provider and use exceptions instead2010-03-15 12:51 PM
2512Bug reportClosedLowGeneral plugin failure if "username" in C:/Documents and Settings/username has non-ascii characters2010-03-07 08:19 AM
2195Feature requestClosedLowDXF2SHP converter plugin improvement2010-02-10 08:58 AM
1759Bug reportClosedLowGrids seems to miss lines2010-01-25 02:29 PM
2378Bug reportClosedLowaddAttribute() doesn't work2010-01-19 11:32 PM
1917Bug reportClosedLow[Vista] GRASS module v.out.* crashes2009-12-06 01:43 PM
1890Bug reportClosedLowGRASS plugin fails to read raster / vector data on windows xp and vista2009-08-26 10:19 AM
129Feature requestClosedLowMapComposer Template save/open not yet implemented2009-08-22 12:57 AM
505Feature requestClosedLowspatial bookmarks always active (instead should be active only where created)2009-08-22 12:57 AM
865Bug reportClosedLowSPIT segfaults2009-08-22 12:54 AM
574Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening .tif when projection is on2009-08-22 12:51 AM
599Bug reportClosedLowLegend label not retained2009-08-22 12:51 AM
600Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend doesn't stick2009-08-22 12:51 AM
444Bug reportClosedLowlow resolution in print composer and in the output (svn 6261)2009-08-22 12:46 AM
383Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening vector properties dialog on OS X2009-08-22 12:46 AM
270Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer and printing (OSX)2009-08-22 12:46 AM
1707Bug reportClosedLowSorting of a table column doesn't work correct for primary keys2009-08-19 09:45 AM
1638Feature requestClosedLowcopy/paste of attributes/layers (merge) gives unexpected results(?)2009-08-10 07:51 AM
344Feature requestClosedLowDPI is not stored in the output PNG2009-07-19 01:57 AM
1099Feature requestClosedLowbutton to add class graduated symbol dialog2009-07-17 06:11 AM
1045Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend requires layer name change to cancel it's renaming2009-07-04 01:34 PM

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