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1063Feature requestClosedLowSVG Symbols repository2017-05-01 11:15 AM
1045Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend requires layer name change to cancel it's renaming2009-07-04 01:34 PM
970Feature requestClosedLowWhen Initial Visibility is set to false still set map extent for first layer added2016-02-19 12:14 PM
965Feature requestClosedLowAdd sliders to define min and max values2015-11-16 07:26 AM
879Feature requestClosedLowAdd 'Help contents' in different languages2015-12-02 02:47 AM
865Bug reportClosedLowSPIT segfaults2009-08-22 12:54 AM
859Feature requestClosedLowAssign vector colors from column2014-08-08 08:20 AM
783Feature requestClosedLowAllow multi-layer selection in the legend and zoom to various layers at same time2011-12-25 10:08 AM
777Bug reportClosedHighcrashes with python reference to destroyed objects (e.g exportToWkt() crashes when geom has been deleted)2016-08-01 04:23 PM
757Feature requestClosedLowEditing table of GRASS vector2016-02-19 11:46 AM
747Bug reportClosedLowimporting 3D geom into PostGIS via SPIT plugin2011-12-09 09:01 AM
689Feature requestClosedLowfill color doesn't affect the symbols2015-10-27 08:39 AM
651Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionZoom to layer does not work if layer has only one point2014-06-08 11:44 PM
626Feature requestClosedLowGRASS Edit: add the tool to continue a line or a boundary as polyline2016-02-19 11:45 AM
600Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend doesn't stick2009-08-22 12:51 AM
599Bug reportClosedLowLegend label not retained2009-08-22 12:51 AM
597Bug reportClosedHighlat/lon maps should wrap around 180 longitude2011-09-02 06:56 AM
574Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening .tif when projection is on2009-08-22 12:51 AM
558Feature requestClosedLowHighlight Layers2012-01-02 06:13 AM
505Feature requestClosedLowspatial bookmarks always active (instead should be active only where created)2009-08-22 12:57 AM
470Bug reportClosedLowadding a column to GRASS vector corrupts it2015-11-10 03:35 AM
444Bug reportClosedLowlow resolution in print composer and in the output (svn 6261)2009-08-22 12:46 AM
386Bug reportClosedLowQGIS 0.8.0-preview2 can't export to MapServer2014-06-29 10:12 AM
383Bug reportClosedLowCrash when opening vector properties dialog on OS X2009-08-22 12:46 AM
361Feature requestClosedLow"Add as group" option for add data dialog2010-03-20 05:54 AM
344Feature requestClosedLowDPI is not stored in the output PNG2009-07-19 01:57 AM
281Bug reportClosedLowSelecting features causing abnormal exit2014-06-29 10:12 AM
270Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer and printing (OSX)2009-08-22 12:46 AM
259Feature requestClosedLowRemember WMS GetCapabilities response during work session2016-02-19 07:58 AM
206Bug reportClosedLowVarious dialog boxes don't remember their location and size2014-06-02 03:24 AM
159Bug reportClosedLowSVG export doesn't crop layers to page size2018-02-25 05:42 PM
129Feature requestClosedLowMapComposer Template save/open not yet implemented2009-08-22 12:57 AM
121Feature requestClosedLowjoin external tables to geometries2011-03-12 07:49 AM
96Bug reportClosedLowidentify tool: there are spaces in the numeric fields2014-06-29 10:12 AM
43Feature requestClosedLowGRASS Edit: allow for visible vertices2016-02-19 07:53 AM
42Feature requestClosedLowGRASS Edit: let customize display more2016-02-19 07:53 AM
41Feature requestClosedLowGRASS Edit: expose un-labelled objects2016-02-19 07:52 AM
40Feature requestClosedLowGRASS Editing: wish dialog save edits or quit without saving2016-02-19 07:54 AM

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