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1173Bug reportClosedLowdb grass modulesleolami -2009-06-15 11:45 PM
1133Bug reportClosedLowgrass toolbox: option description problemsnobody -2009-06-15 11:45 PM
377Bug reportClosedLowcustom projection of GRASS vectorsMagnus Homann2009-06-15 11:44 PM
936Bug reportClosedLowLegend name too long when executing "qgis vectorfile.shp"Redmine Admin2009-06-15 10:15 AM
1520Feature requestClosedLowAfter adding a column for OGR-Layer, column doesn't appear in attribute tableRedmine Admin2009-06-15 09:37 AM
1730Bug reportClosedLowmemory leak in Attribute Tablenobody -2009-06-14 12:01 PM
1125Feature requestClosedLowAdd ability to undo last editsMarco Hugentobler2009-06-14 07:27 AM
1318Bug reportClosedLowsnap function for split feature linenobody -2009-06-14 01:12 AM
1725Feature requestClosedLowsnapping and search radius in options dialog, digitizing tabnobody -2009-06-14 12:32 AM
1122Feature requestClosedLowAbility to merge features during vector editingnobody -2009-06-13 02:13 PM
366Feature requestClosedLowAdding a new column to a (dbf) table?Tim Sutton2009-06-12 02:49 PM
1702Bug reportClosedLowWhen loading an ogr database datasource with one layer the password appears in legendRedmine Admin2009-06-12 01:55 PM
1732Bug reportClosedLowRedirect handling is not implementednobody -2009-06-12 07:36 AM
1608Bug reportClosedLowSegmentation fault Fedora Core 10 rpm qgis-1.0.1-1.fc10.i386 exit code 139nobody -2009-06-10 11:13 AM
1416Bug reportClosedLowcrash querying very small GRASS vector polygonnobody -2009-06-10 09:55 AM
408Bug reportClosedLowGRASS group (LANDSAT RGB): color table ignoredRedmine Admin2009-06-10 08:47 AM
716Bug reportClosedLowSelect Features broken for GRASS point data with attributesnobody -2009-06-10 08:46 AM
1375Feature requestClosedLowConfusing icon during drag-and-drop within map legendnobody -2009-06-10 07:46 AM
1724Feature requestClosedLowCursor in the legend for a layer draggcarrillo -2009-06-10 12:36 AM
1706Bug reportClosedLowZoom to selected in attribute table only works if the layer is selected in the layers windownobody -2009-06-09 04:25 PM
1723Bug reportClosedLowqgis_1_1_0/python/core/qgssymbol.sip:75: syntax error + fixnobody -2009-06-09 11:55 AM
748Feature requestClosedLowEdit vertices within a polygon, polyline vector layersnobody -2009-06-06 10:23 PM
1721Bug reportClosedLowOS X: grassshell code causing build crash in trunknobody -2009-06-06 10:14 PM
1610Bug reportClosedLowUpdate Preview in map composer doesn't workMarco Hugentobler2009-06-03 07:49 AM
1708Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer template saves without .qptMarco Hugentobler2009-06-01 03:54 AM
1713Bug reportClosedLowPostgreSQL error message is odd: only last error is shown (others not shown)nobody -2009-05-30 10:50 AM
1717Bug reportClosedLowPrint Composer doesn't work when spanning the map object from the right sideMarco Hugentobler2009-05-28 12:40 PM
1633Feature requestClosedLowediting GRASS tablesnobody -2009-05-28 02:45 AM
373Feature requestClosedLowAllow searching of online WMS cataloguesBrendan Morley -2009-05-27 05:49 AM
1714Feature requestClosedLow"Use selection" patch for fToolscfarmer -2009-05-27 05:46 AM
1491Bug reportClosedLowContinuous Color symbology may classify on wrong field for PostGIS layersnobody -2009-05-26 06:42 PM
1711Bug reportClosedLowPrintComposer: Button-bar does not come back when (accidently) turned offMarco Hugentobler2009-05-25 03:19 AM
1710Bug reportClosedLowwms (mapserver) and postgis: the layer is not addedMarco Hugentobler2009-05-25 01:59 AM
1709Bug reportClosedLowGUI Problems in label dialognobody -2009-05-19 09:34 AM
1207Feature requestClosedLowdeal with GRASS rasters missing a colortablenobody -2009-05-18 01:59 AM
1700Bug reportClosedLow[PATCH] Fix crash in qgsnewogrconnection.cppnobody -2009-05-17 06:58 AM
1684Bug reportClosedLowGrass plugin does not work (with grass6.4RC4)nobody -2009-05-15 12:26 PM
1695Bug reportClosedLowGroup items of print compositionMarco Hugentobler2009-05-14 06:38 AM
1693Bug reportClosedLowProblems parsing some ArcGIS shapefilesnobody -2009-05-13 10:19 AM
1692Bug reportClosedLowProblems parsing some ArcGIS shapefilesnobody -2009-05-13 10:07 AM
1690Bug reportClosedLowTools->Research Tools->Select by location crashes with PostGIS-Layercfarmer -2009-05-13 06:02 AM
1687Bug reportClosedLowMeasure tool is very wrongnobody -2009-05-12 02:11 PM
1521Feature requestClosedLowadd column function misses an option to define the length for string type columnsnobody -2009-05-12 02:15 AM
1679Bug reportClosedLowLegend types crash QGIS on floating point attributesnobody -2009-05-09 08:25 AM
1682Bug reportClosedLowLoading min/max values crashes if a band property is 'Not Set'nobody -2009-05-07 09:26 AM
1678Bug reportClosedLowCreating new location with insufficient permissions crashes QGISnobody -2009-05-06 01:16 PM
1592Bug reportClosedLowCoordinate capture plugin - projection selectornobody -2009-05-06 12:26 PM
1632Bug reportClosedLowv.db.addcol: fails if path contains spacesnobody -2009-05-06 01:23 AM
1662Feature requestClosedLowKeyboard shortcuts for "Edit" menunobody -2009-05-04 11:51 AM
1666Bug reportClosedLowcontinious color selects wrong attributenobody -2009-05-02 03:58 PM
1670Bug reportClosedLowFails to open GRASS mapset - RESOLVEDnobody -2009-05-02 12:24 PM
1675Feature requestClosedLowchangeGeometry patchnobody -2009-05-02 11:19 AM
1676Bug reportClosedLowTabs in the main window of QGislynxID -2009-05-02 10:30 AM
1042Bug reportClosedLowpossibility to delete rings and islandsMarco Hugentobler2009-05-02 08:42 AM
1599Bug reportClosedLowWMS and WFS problems with GeoServernobody -2009-05-02 02:01 AM
1674Bug reportClosedLowAdd field size and number of decimalsnobody -2009-05-01 09:15 AM
1673Bug reportClosedLowshape-file creation: attributes are clipped to 80 symbolsnobody -2009-05-01 09:14 AM
1672Bug reportClosedLowkeyColumn and sql are in wrong order in qgsdatasourceuri.cppJürgen Fischer2009-05-01 01:57 AM
1671Bug reportClosedLowFails to open GRASS mapsetnobody -2009-04-30 03:10 PM
1667Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes if digitizing a self intersection in add ringnobody -2009-04-30 02:44 PM
1665Bug reportClosedLowUse of relative paths for SVG symbols in QGIS project filenobody -2009-04-30 01:30 AM
1278Bug reportClosedLowLayer transparence in tif format failsersts -2009-04-29 10:07 PM
1580Feature requestClosedLowStatus indicator when loading QGIS project filesnobody -2009-04-28 02:33 PM
1660Feature requestClosedLowfloating labelsnobody -2009-04-28 01:29 PM
52Feature requestClosedLowChange order of PostGIS Layer in Layer select boxGary Sherman2009-04-28 01:21 PM
1593Feature requestClosedLowOracle GeoRaster Pluginilucena -2009-04-28 10:21 AM
1652Bug reportClosedLowMap refresh 15sec freezes with GRASS mapsnobody -2009-04-27 09:42 AM
1657Bug reportClosedLowVector Layer Translate FeatureMarco Hugentobler2009-04-27 08:50 AM
1655Bug reportClosedLowLacking translation causes malfunctionnobody -2009-04-26 03:38 PM
1653Bug reportClosedLowSegmentation Fault in FC10nobody -2009-04-24 09:45 AM
1651Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes after toggeling editmode when attribute table is opennobody -2009-04-24 05:53 AM
1646Feature requestClosedLowmultiple statements in python consoleJürgen Fischer2009-04-23 03:27 PM
1552Bug reportClosedLowplug-in installer does not work behind proxynobody -2009-04-21 11:43 PM
1640Bug reportClosedLowfailed to build 1.0.1 due to translation filesnobody -2009-04-18 10:45 AM
1596Bug reportClosedLowAction tab in vector layer properties does not warn you, if action name is not setGary Sherman2009-04-15 08:49 PM
1634Bug reportClosedLowsnapping tolerance in pixels does not work if on-the-fly reprojection is enabledMartin Dobias2009-04-13 03:56 AM
1573Bug reportClosedLowlines/frames of items remain in map composer after moving or deleting itemsnobody -2009-04-12 02:44 AM
952Feature requestClosedLowSupport PostgreSQL uuid typeJürgen Fischer2009-04-07 05:12 AM
1566Bug reportClosedLowFix install paths on 64 bit linuxnobody -2009-04-07 05:01 AM
1605Bug reportClosedLowQgsGeometry().fromPolygon([[]]) crashes Qgisnobody -2009-03-31 12:33 PM
1554Bug reportClosedLowQGIS not properly recognizing/handling EPSG 2229nobody -2009-03-29 12:41 PM
1542Bug reportClosedLowopening .shp file created by pgsql2shp crashes QGIS and entire systemnobody -2009-03-26 06:54 PM
1594Bug reportClosedLowQGIS does not start due to GRASS librariesnobody -2009-03-25 04:52 AM
1577Bug reportClosedLowPrint composer hangs when exporting "complicated" map to rasternobody -2009-03-24 06:04 PM
1575Bug reportClosedLowQGIS crashes while attempting to change symbology to continous colornobody -2009-03-21 09:16 AM
1562Bug reportClosedLowUnable to Open one or more project layernobody -2009-03-21 09:08 AM
1544Bug reportClosedLowraster visualisationnobody -2009-03-16 10:24 AM
1567Bug reportClosedLowWrong band order in "Identify Features"ersts -2009-03-14 12:43 PM
1564Bug reportClosedLowCrash when changing edit widgets for vector layer attribute tablesnobody -2009-03-05 07:08 AM
1560Bug reportClosedLowvirusnobody -2009-02-25 04:50 AM
1557Bug reportClosedLowSPIT import shape in postgis multipoint -> invalid type MULTIMULTPOINTnobody -2009-02-20 08:26 AM
1543Bug reportClosedLowopening .shp file created by pgsql2shp crashes QGIS and entire systemnobody -2009-02-15 09:34 PM
1469Bug reportClosedLowEnglish Workbook won't open in Acrobat 7nobody -2009-01-19 11:41 PM
1474Feature requestClosedLowmake GDAL driver selectablenobody -2009-01-05 08:20 AM
1239Feature requestClosedLowCompilation strict mode and warnings cleanup for GCC 4.1nobody -2008-08-23 07:51 AM
1240Bug reportClosedLowInvalid preprocessor condition testing value of GEOS_VERSION_MAJORnobody -2008-08-23 07:12 AM
1236Bug reportClosedLowInvalid use of stream operator dxf2shp converternobody -2008-08-23 06:55 AM
1235Bug reportClosedLowInvalid multiline string literal in dxf2shp converternobody -2008-08-21 03:52 PM
1234Bug reportClosedLowSuspicious retrival of active layer in dxf2shp converternobody -2008-08-21 03:51 PM
1229Bug reportClosedLowFindGEOS does not detect GEOS.Framework on OSX 10.5nobody -2008-08-21 01:46 PM

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