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21787Feature requestClosedNormalGetFeatureInfo responses with URLs should be clickableAlessandro Pasotti2019-04-15 04:46 PM
21687Feature requestClosedNormalQGIS Server/Desktop: Configurable thousand separators per field/widgetAlessandro Pasotti2019-04-11 11:23 PM
20579Feature requestClosedNormalImprove layer name rendering for MySQL connectionsAlessandro Pasotti2018-11-22 12:48 PM
19895Feature requestClosedNormalGarbage-collection is not performed after deletion of vector layer from geopackageAlessandro Pasotti2018-09-21 12:16 PM
18099Feature requestClosedHighWFS Capabilities handling problemAlessandro Pasotti2018-02-23 10:32 AM
16883Feature requestClosedHighNative XYZ provider does not support authenticationAlessandro Pasotti2017-07-21 09:17 PM
15927Feature requestClosedNormalY format parameter for Tile Server (XYZ) layersAlessandro Pasotti2017-05-17 10:15 AM
13410Feature requestClosedNormalSave python forms logic into postgresAlessandro Pasotti2015-11-05 12:06 PM
11794Feature requestClosedNormalspatialite connection custom nameAlessandro Pasotti2015-11-12 11:02 AM
11681Feature requestClosedNormalStyle Editor - export by groupAlessandro Pasotti2015-10-28 09:46 AM
16155Feature requestClosedNormalGeneric Help system: It would be nice to propose a default doc pathAlexander Bruy2017-09-22 09:54 AM
12537Feature requestClosedNormalProcessing: use better default for compressionAlexander Bruy2015-04-10 12:20 AM
11481Feature requestClosedNormalAllow to select extent from canvas in Processing Create Grid algorithmAlexander Bruy2014-11-29 04:06 AM
9402Feature requestClosedNormalMake the new Field Calculator tool available in the ModelerAlexander Bruy2016-02-20 02:16 AM
8177Feature requestClosedNormalThe raster contrast/brightness +- buttons could support a bigger step with Shift button pressedAlexander Bruy2014-03-24 06:19 AM
8176Feature requestClosedNormalThe raster contrast/brightness +- buttons should support multiple layer selectionAlexander Bruy2014-03-24 06:19 AM
5705Feature requestClosedNormalPlease add a QGIS backendAlexander Bruy2016-12-28 09:46 AM
5561Feature requestClosedNormalProject Scale ListAlexander Bruy2012-07-18 12:46 AM
4918Feature requestClosedNormalBring out of raster properties the "contrast enhancement" and "standard deviation" options, and put them in QGIS general optionsAlexander Bruy2012-04-15 04:32 AM
4153Feature requestClosedNormalAdd fillnodata utilAlexander Bruy2011-11-13 02:30 AM
3235Feature requestClosedLowAdd raster calculator iconAlexander Bruy2012-04-26 01:09 AM
21005Feature requestRejectedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:12 PM
21004Feature requestClosedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:11 PM
14558Feature requestRejectedNormalunitary testsAlexia Mondot2017-05-03 07:14 PM
14556Feature requestRejectedNormalRAM parameterAlexia Mondot2017-05-03 07:11 PM
14555Feature requestRejectedNormalMultiple choices with only one choiceAlexia Mondot2017-05-03 07:10 PM
14554Feature requestRejectedNormaltemplate for application argumentsAlexia Mondot2017-05-03 07:09 PM
9094Feature requestClosedNormalDel-key should delete featureAlvaro Huarte2014-02-26 10:56 AM
9085Feature requestClosedNormalSet refresh to F5 keyAlvaro Huarte2013-11-25 01:23 PM
8733Feature requestClosedLowBetter formatting for scalesAlvaro Huarte2013-10-19 05:50 AM
8725Feature requestClosedNormalSpeed improvement in the render of geometries for qgisAlvaro Huarte2013-12-26 04:12 PM
14734Feature requestClosedHighSource UpdaterAndreas Neumann2017-09-22 10:05 AM
6248Feature requestOpenNormal"Recently Used" folder for SVG symbols.Arunmozhi P2017-05-01 12:48 AM
11922Feature requestClosedNormalOUTPUT FROM MAP COMPOSER BRUNO BELLAZZI2014-12-29 09:13 AM
21381Feature requestOpenNormalPlugin Manager should warn when overwriting already installed plugin (by the "Install from zip" option)Borys Jurgiel2019-03-02 07:10 PM
20883Feature requestOpenNormalQGIS plugin download informationBorys Jurgiel2018-12-28 10:17 AM
19627Feature requestClosedNormalZoom to Postcode pluginBorys Jurgiel2018-08-15 11:07 AM
19125Feature requestClosedNormalAlways show deprecated plugins in Plugin Manager (remove the option to hide/show them)Borys Jurgiel2018-08-31 01:24 PM
18715Feature requestClosedNormalnetcdf browserBorys Jurgiel2018-04-12 10:50 PM
17349Feature requestClosedNormalSort out the trusted/untrusted plugins/authors stuff Borys Jurgiel2018-09-13 12:49 PM
16576Feature requestOpenLowPlugin installation for all domain-usersBorys Jurgiel2017-05-18 11:02 PM
15266Feature requestOpenNormalindicator when voting for plugins via plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2017-05-01 12:46 AM
14916Feature requestClosedNormalPlugin manager: Show trustBorys Jurgiel2016-07-24 04:47 AM
14914Feature requestClosedHighAdd a warning to Plugin managerBorys Jurgiel2017-10-28 11:24 AM
13965Feature requestClosedLowPlugin installer, change tabulation order so that "enter" in plugin search bar does not launch "upgrade all"Borys Jurgiel2017-01-02 06:42 AM
11740Feature requestOpenNormalOlder plugins in the home dir mask newer ones from installerBorys Jurgiel2018-03-07 04:31 PM
11582Feature requestClosedLowSuggestion for Improvement. Change tracker label in plugins managerBorys Jurgiel2016-05-25 10:44 PM
11149Feature requestClosedNormalCheckbox to active/deactivate all pluginsBorys Jurgiel2014-09-12 03:03 AM
10391Feature requestOpenNormalIncrease plugin download timeoutBorys Jurgiel2017-05-01 12:47 AM
9938Feature requestClosedLowAdd a filter for "New" plugins to plugins website Borys Jurgiel2016-02-01 01:23 PM

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