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10569Feature requestClosedHighno "append data to table" option2016-11-21 10:51 PM
10547Feature requestClosedHighPrint composer frame & annotation issuesNyall Dawson2014-10-27 01:12 PM
10426Feature requestClosedHighComposer Manager : ideas for improvements2014-06-03 05:20 AM
10422Feature requestClosedHigh"select by expression" dialog should be named with the layer name2014-06-02 11:53 PM
10214Feature requestClosedHighInclude Scipy in QGIS 64 bit2014-05-08 11:46 AM
9804Feature requestClosedHighAdd % token to admitted characters (for LIKE filters)2014-03-18 06:37 AM
9737Feature requestOpenHighPartial canvas redraw2017-05-01 12:47 AM
9387Feature requestClosedHighPrint Composer - Coordinate system as expression2017-03-18 03:57 AM
9281Feature requestClosedHigh[composer] add option to disable antialiasing when exporting compositions2018-02-22 11:53 AM
9072Feature requestClosedHighCare about usability2013-12-26 12:10 PM
9051Feature requestClosedHighClassification uses full range of values from joined attribute table2016-06-12 08:45 PM
8439Feature requestClosedHighScipy and QGIS integration failures 2013-08-11 10:39 AM
7706Feature requestOpenHighGeometry constructors (EWKT/EWKB)2017-05-01 12:48 AM
7651Feature requestClosedHighSettings importer from QGIS 1.x2016-02-18 11:30 AM
7581Feature requestOpenHighraster calculator really needs support for conditional statements (to allow reclassify rasters)2017-05-01 12:48 AM
7235Feature requestOpenHighAdd option to avoid users producing invalid topologies while digitising2017-05-01 12:48 AM
7145Feature requestOpenHighShow layer groups in "identifiable layers" and "snapping options" panels2017-05-01 12:48 AM
6986Feature requestClosedHighBrowser should support formats with multiple layers in it2014-06-12 06:13 PM
6894Feature requestIn ProgressHighGRASS r.mapcalc cumbersome to use, issues on WindowsVictor Olaya2018-12-11 10:36 AM
6893Feature requestClosedHighGRASS r.nullVictor Olaya2016-03-01 11:55 PM
6255Feature requestFeedbackHighAdd button to force recalculating stats of raster layers2017-05-01 12:48 AM
5980Feature requestClosedHighClearly mark experimental plugins in installer2012-10-08 05:25 AM
5913Feature requestClosedHighSymbol rotation should work for polygons fills2014-06-12 02:40 AM
5396Feature requestClosedHighRun algorithms in a different threadVictor Olaya2017-10-03 01:30 PM
4855Feature requestClosedHighImprove curved labels2012-04-16 05:16 AM

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