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13622Feature requestOpenHighCreate the possibility to make attribute queries with mapped values using QML files2017-09-22 10:07 AM
13605Feature requestClosedHighFilter mapcomposer-legend to only show layers checked/visible on the map canvas2015-10-15 12:22 PM
13570Feature requestClosedHighsize varying assistant not available for line layersVincent Mora2015-12-23 12:16 PM
13468Feature requestClosedHighError in psSHP->sHooks.Fwrite : not a really meaningful error message2016-05-24 08:24 AM
13465Feature requestOpenHighIdentify Results panel : clicking on "Clear results" should close all feature attribute's form2017-05-01 12:46 AM
13283Feature requestFeedbackHighRelative paths to files and photos2017-05-01 12:46 AM
13236Feature requestClosedHighEasy way to move vertex point to new longitude / latitude location2015-08-20 01:58 PM
12926Feature requestClosedHighImprove attribute table performance 2018-03-07 10:03 PM
12866Feature requestClosedHighComposer Attribute table : display a long text on several linesNyall Dawson2015-06-03 08:08 PM
12527Feature requestClosedHighPlease add support to SAGA 2.1.4Victor Olaya2015-10-05 11:14 AM
12324Feature requestClosedHighQGIS 2.8 Wien - Crashed on SQL Server Spatial LayersNathan Woodrow2018-07-20 01:51 PM
12058Feature requestOpenHighFunction Editor in Expression widget : a button to delete a useless functionNathan Woodrow2017-05-01 12:47 AM
11947Feature requestClosedHighMap Composer - Gridding - Coordinate Decimal Layout2015-01-05 01:02 PM
11888Feature requestOpenHighWarn the user when OGR "stretched" the column width to accommodate values2017-05-01 12:47 AM
11803Feature requestRejectedHighPlugins and lack of character encoding.2014-12-07 12:32 PM
11780Feature requestClosedHighQGIS and UHD (4K) monitors2015-01-29 09:34 AM
11632Feature requestClosedHighSupport for colour picker in colour dialog under OSX2019-01-08 02:42 AM
11620Feature requestClosedHighProcessing: please bring back "Save as Python script" optionVictor Olaya2016-01-13 01:19 AM
11497Feature requestClosedHighQGIS wfs-t server: cannot modify/add features if they have many nodes, necessary to raise the maximum body size of a HTTP request2015-03-05 07:03 AM
11473Feature requestClosedHighUse TLS v1.2 instead of SSL v3Jürgen Fischer2015-01-22 10:23 AM
11328Feature requestClosedHighIncrease the font size in the Modeller and in the Script editorVictor Olaya2016-02-15 11:37 PM
11319Feature requestClosedHighAllow to (re)add features to null geometries2015-10-12 11:00 PM
11139Feature requestClosedHighA show/hide option to quickly manage the symbology of a categorized layer2015-10-09 07:10 PM
10947Feature requestClosedHighUse Filter() instead of STIntersects() for better performance in MSSQLNathan Woodrow2017-06-03 08:03 AM
10830Feature requestClosedHighDisplaying the name of each map in the composer2014-07-07 04:20 PM

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