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9405Feature requestClosedNormaldifferentiate between built-in plugins and user pluginsBorys Jurgiel2017-10-25 08:44 PM
8080Feature requestClosedLowPlugin Manager's "Repository details" dialog should indicate version querystringBorys Jurgiel2013-06-25 03:25 PM
5382Feature requestClosedNormalPoint Sampling Tool: Speed up by simply not writing fields and records being processedBorys Jurgiel2012-09-16 03:41 PM
3560Feature requestClosedLowImplement gui profilesBorys Jurgiel2015-11-20 04:39 AM
3433Feature requestClosedLowGEOSException not exposed through python bindingsBorys Jurgiel2011-02-20 11:52 AM
3383Feature requestClosedLowAdd a SAGA pluginBorys Jurgiel2011-08-23 02:01 AM
3311Feature requestClosedLowSPIT dialog should use monospaced font when showing output from PostGISBorys Jurgiel2011-03-05 06:10 AM
3310Feature requestClosedLowMissing methods in qgscomposerlegend.sipBorys Jurgiel2010-12-08 10:44 AM
3225Feature requestClosedLowRequest for python module MySQLdbBorys Jurgiel2010-11-17 02:51 AM
3197Feature requestClosedLowmapserver export, no outlineBorys Jurgiel2010-11-11 11:03 AM
3138Feature requestClosedLowAdd plugin autopackaging scriptBorys Jurgiel2018-01-29 07:04 PM
3015Feature requestClosedLowmake feature form accessible from script (plugin)Borys Jurgiel2010-09-17 03:28 AM
2912Feature requestClosedLowTableManager should support multiple file formatsBorys Jurgiel2010-11-04 07:23 AM
2608Feature requestClosedLowAdd python plugin pathsBorys Jurgiel2010-04-04 03:31 AM
2582Feature requestClosedLowPython plugin showPluginHelp function - another minor patchBorys Jurgiel2010-03-27 10:52 AM
2562Feature requestClosedLowTwo fixes to utils.pyBorys Jurgiel2010-03-20 02:56 AM
2541Feature requestClosedLowAdd canUninstall function to python plugin modulesBorys Jurgiel2010-03-12 12:02 AM
2539Feature requestClosedLowAdd QGIS revision number to python error outputBorys Jurgiel2010-03-14 05:41 PM
2424Feature requestClosedLowSet extent of plugin layerBorys Jurgiel2010-02-09 08:11 AM
2412Feature requestClosedLow[FEATURE] Support for user defined plugin pathBorys Jurgiel2010-04-04 03:32 AM
2093Feature requestClosedLowProvide configuration options for new project (map) CRS and OTFRBorys Jurgiel2013-03-16 01:09 PM
1968Feature requestClosedLowchange icon for OGR Layer Converter pluginBorys Jurgiel2009-11-08 05:54 PM
1688Feature requestClosedLowAssign layer CRS to project (legend context menu)Borys Jurgiel2011-03-10 03:22 PM
1602Feature requestClosedLowSuperfluous entries in the Plugin menuBorys Jurgiel2013-03-16 12:46 PM
1584Feature requestClosedLowpython plugins in source code: please add them also to standard repoBorys Jurgiel2009-08-22 12:38 AM

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