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1718Bug reportClosedLowIncorrect unique key interpretation on PostGIS view - view doesn't load as expected2012-04-18 01:13 AM
1707Bug reportClosedLowSorting of a table column doesn't work correct for primary keys2009-08-19 09:45 AM
1704Bug reportClosedLowLabel buffer doesn't work in map units2012-08-20 03:48 AM
1631Bug reportClosedLowv.db.addcol: table not updated2016-05-18 05:41 AM
1589Bug reportClosedLowproblem visualizing WMS defined with a EPSG:NONE srs2014-10-12 12:33 PM
1585Bug reportOpenLowadd missing svg image sources2018-07-20 12:48 PM
1546Bug reportClosedLowAction from attribute table does'n substitute %column2016-05-27 03:10 AM
1459Bug reportClosedLowExternal table modifications are not visible in QGIS table editor2015-12-02 02:48 AM
1451Bug reportClosedLowHigh usage of CPU when moving mouse over map canvas2015-10-19 02:56 AM
1449Bug reportClosedLowThe map and overview canvas resizes incorrectly2014-06-02 03:43 AM
1380Bug reportClosedHighNo Data values are counted as values in the histogram2012-10-05 07:10 AM
1356Bug reportClosedLowcreate index incorrect for MapInfo files2011-12-25 11:25 AM
1343Bug reportClosedLowdxf2shp plugin does not distinguish between polygon and polyline correctly2011-12-09 09:04 AM
1329Bug reportClosedLowVector Properties dialog - Labels tab - several minor problems2012-01-28 03:08 PM
1302Bug reportClosedLowImpossible to add more than 128 rasters in OSX2012-02-07 01:03 AM
1253Bug reportClosedLowdisable some tools when editing a GRASS vector2015-11-14 04:03 AM
1170Bug reportClosedLowGPS Plugin non-functional (OS X) for Serial Bus/Com port units2019-01-02 01:28 PM
1051Bug reportOpenLowGRASS rasters values/labels are not shown in legend/colormap tab2019-03-09 04:26 PM
1045Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend requires layer name change to cancel it's renaming2009-07-04 01:34 PM
865Bug reportClosedLowSPIT segfaults2009-08-22 12:54 AM
777Bug reportClosedHighcrashes with python reference to destroyed objects (e.g exportToWkt() crashes when geom has been deleted)2016-08-01 04:23 PM
747Bug reportClosedLowimporting 3D geom into PostGIS via SPIT plugin2011-12-09 09:01 AM
651Bug reportClosedSevere/RegressionZoom to layer does not work if layer has only one point2014-06-08 11:44 PM
600Bug reportClosedLowRenaming layer in legend doesn't stick2009-08-22 12:51 AM
599Bug reportClosedLowLegend label not retained2009-08-22 12:51 AM

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